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Friday, July 22, 2016

What I Missed at Trump-Con, Day 4

(Missed it again, and so glad I did.)

The GOP Convention ended just like it began, with another Fear Night in America.

This is what we should be afraid of.
No "Morning in America" feel-good vibe from Donald Trump.  No way.  Instead, it was Nixon's Law & Order, Huey Long's populism and Hitler's nationalism all rolled into one big ugly thing.

Trump trotted out a long and fallacious list of things to be afraid of -- crime and violence (code for black people), illegal immigrants, Muslims, domestic disaster, international humiliation, job loss, death, destruction, terrorism, weakness!  It's the apocalypse!  Aargh!! Run for the hills!

But wait!  There's only one solution to all these ginned up "problems" -- Donald J. Trump himself.  "I alone can fix it."  "I am your voice."

This is classic demagoguery as practiced by tinhorn dictators:  Terrify, then reassure.  Be very afraid, but don't worry -- Strong-Man Trump will make everything "great" again.  (He just never says how.)

The Big Don said he'll even protect our LGBTQ community, but only from being murdered by all the Islamic terrorists pouring into our country.  Meanwhile, VP Mike Pence will make sure that LGBTQ people can't get married or order a birthday cake.

Let's go for positive, not negative.  Don't drink the Fear Kool-Aid.  Reject Trumpism.  It's insane.

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