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Thursday, July 7, 2016

We Have A Gun Problem, And We Have A Cop Problem

Any reasonably objective observer will freely admit that America has a gun problem.  We've had it for a long time, and it's obvious -- more firearms per capita than any developed nation, with the expected result of more gun violence and gun death than any developed nation.

And in our modern age of cell phone video, it's increasingly clear we have a lingering cop problem too.  This is not exactly a secret, but citizen videos are catching the cops at their very worst all the time.  The last two days provided two more horrific examples of murder by cop.

Sterling shot dead
Alton Sterling was selling CD's when he was killed by cops in Baton Rouge.  They pinned him to the ground and shot him point-blank.

Castile shot dead
Philando Castile was a passenger in stopped car when he was killed by cops in St. Paul.  They shot him point-blank through the open car window.

(Video links, if you care to watch.)



Today everybody and his brother has a cell phone with video.  The cops know this and yet they still get caught gunning down (mainly black) people time and time again.  Makes you wonder how often this shit happened before cell phones.

Sterling and Castile were black, their shooter cops were white, from majority white police forces.  Institutional racism?  What do you think?

Both victims were licensed for concealed carry of firearms.  Neither victim brandished his weapon, or threatened the police.  But in each case, at the first suggestion of the presence of a weapon, the cops had no hesitation in executing the "suspect" on the spot.

Somewhere in America right now, that rare black NRA member/gun nut is questioning all his life choices.  "Shit!  I thought packing that legal Glock was gonna make me safer and more bad-ass.  But if it's up to the cops, it's just gonna make my ass dead."

Potentially fatal offenses in America 2016:

DWB (Driving While Back)
SWB (Standing While Black)
WWB (Walking While Black)
And now, one more:
CCWB (Concealed Carry While Black)

Our society has a gun problem and a cop problem.  I have my thoughts on dealing with these issues (and more guns and more cops are not part of it).  How about conservative readers?  Do you see the problem?  Any ideas?

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