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Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Florida has certain charms -- the sunny weather, all the beautiful beaches, the snorkeling, the boating, the delicious seafood.  The Keys are an American gem not be missed.  I have visited Florida many times, and hope to do so many more.

Yet beyond its tourism appeal, Florida is definitely . . . well, how shall I put this?

How can it be so full of shit when it has three giant assholes?

Nastier, Uglier, Slimier

Just when you might have thought the Daft Twerp's Cabinet of Swamp Creatures couldn't get worse, he goes even deeper into the muck to find a scarier monster.

Racist Keebler Elf Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was finally fired because he recused himself and wouldn't stop the Mueller probe.  Matt Whitaker, a wing-nut bad actor named as "acting" replacement, is a Lex Luthor look-alike, a business scammer and failed hot tub salesman, and a very public hater of both Mueller and Hillary.  He insists there's been no Russian collusion and has advocated a "biblical view of justice."  Trump's kind of guy -- a total toady.


And it looks like Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will soon get the axe because she didn't put enough "separation" in Trump's family separation policy -- an insufficient number of babies in baby jail to suit her boss.  What new reptile will replace her?  Who knows, but rest assured it will be an even lower life form, because whenever Yam Face is not feelin' the love, he knows just one way to go -- in his own image, nastier, uglier, slimier. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

More Memes Of The Moment

Enemies List

Before leaving for Paris on Friday, Donnie Demento gave an impromptu presser on the White House lawn.  Don't know if you saw it, but it was appalling -- tRump at his thoroughly disgusting worst.  

It seems that as the reality of a Democratic House sinks in, his paranoia rises, and so does his need to lash out and spew vituperation at his perceived enemies.  Friday he puked up a rapid-fire laundry list of his childish grievances against, among others, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, any and all Democrats, GPS Fusion, the 9th Circuit Appeals Court, election officials in Arizona, Florida and Georgia, George Conway, Emmanuel Macron, and NATO.  He singled out three White House reporters for personal insults -- one was "very unprofessional" (Jim Acosta), another "doesn't know what she's doing - very nasty" (April Ryan, black woman), and the third "asks a lot of stupid questions" (Abby Phillips, black woman).  And he said he "didn't know" acting AG Matt Whitaker, had "never met him," which is of course a bald-faced lie.

I watched it live, and was incredible -- a breathless, jumbled, hateful diatribe.  When he finally zipped his butthole lips and boarded the chopper, I felt like I'd just eaten poison.  He made me sick.

Our fake president is devoid of heart, soul and decency.  He is a pig, ugly to his core -- ugly in his mind, in his words and deeds, and in his appearance (the hideous spray tan and that fucking ridiculous hair-do!).  Quite simply, he's a defective human being. 

Yesterday he said, "You have to treat the presidency with respect." 

OK, but that assumes a president worthy of respect.  Clearly, this one is not.


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mid-Term Recap; Trump's Remora; and More!

Mid-Term Recap

It's over, and all the ads have stopped.  Even mine.  Yay!  Nationally, the mid-term election results were good.  As expected, the House flipped to a solid democratic majority.  That will serve as a most-needed check on The Beast.  And if Trump and Pence should croak simultaneously, Nancy Pelosi would become president!  Wrap your head around that, conserva-tards!

Sherrod Brown was easily reelected as our U.S. Senator.  He's a good man and a very good Senator.  I've known him since childhood.  Now, if we could just do something about that cuck Robbie Portman.

Locally, the results were very good.  We did indeed experience a Blue Wave in Columbus and Franklin County.  Hardly a Republican survivor to be found.  I now have a Democratic State Senator, Dr. Beth Liston.

But for state-wide offices, OMFG Ohio!  Apparently, my state's gone dead red.  The R's took 'em all.  Cordray losing the governor's race is especially hard to swallow.  My future is in DeWine's tiny, greasy hands.  A friend says it's because labor is all but washed up in Ohio.  Youngstown and the once-reliably Democratic Mahoning Valley have switched sides.  But it's more than that.  It's also that Trump energizes not just the Blue Resistance but also the racists, the bigots, the ignorant extremists.  They used to be nothing more than the fringe and they knew it.  But Trump has validated them and made them feel mainstream.  Now, every insect under every rock crawls out and votes Republican.  And we have a lot of bugs in Ohio.  It's embarrassing.

Trump's Remora

Less than 24 hours after the election, Trump did two things:  He declared a Republican victory -- it wasn't, not by a long shot, but Trump has never lost at anything, according to Trump -- and he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, replacing him with DOJ chief of staff Mathew Whitaker as "acting AG" .  (It's the equivalent of making the office manager the "acting CEO.")  Whitaker is an unqualified, unconfirmed, placeholder -- a parasite, the remora on the fat, white underbelly of the Great Orange Predator.  He's just a loyal Trumpanzee whose sole purpose is to turn the DOJ into Trump's personal law firm and thwart the Mueller probe until Trump tries to appoint another unqualified hack.  Rudy?  Aargh!  And should the D's get frisky and challenge the legality of Whitaker's "acting" status (by rights, it ought to be Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein), don't forget that Boofy Bart Kavanaugh is now on the SCOTUS.  His signature legal opinion is that a sitting (Republican) president can do no wrong and cannot be subpoenaed, investigated, indicted, or even asked about anything (except his opinion on Crooked Hillary). 

Other Disgraces

Post-election, Trump wasted no time in proving yet again that he is the Asshole Di Tutti Assholes.  In a lengthy, incoherent press conference (is there any other kind with Trump?), he said he'd never release his tax returns (Congress can in fact compel him to do so), said that if Congress starts investigating his corruption he'd essentially shut down the government (good luck with that), then he launched into an insult-barrage against defeated Republican candidates  who had refused his "embrace."  (Can you imagine anything more revolting than embracing the Brooklyn Brat?)  He finished up by getting into a petulant fight with respected members of the Fourth Estate.  PBS's Yamiche Alcindor asked about his apparent support of white supremacists and his statement that he was a "nationalist," and he replied by denouncing her for asking such a "racist" question.  (She's black.)  Then when CNN's Jim Acosta attempted to question him about the Russia probe, Trump cut him off, called him "rude, terrible," had an intern try to remove his microphone, had Acosta banned from the White House, and had Sarah Fuckabee Sanders falsely claim that Acosta had assaulted the intern.  Holy shit!  What a cluster of moral turpitude!  #FDT!

I Hear Don Jr. May Be Indicted For Perjury.  If It's What You're Saying, I Love It!

What could be better than Beavis -- or is it Butthead?  I may have it backwards -- doing time?  OK, his dad doing time would be better, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Another Dangerous Caravan 

Trump is freaking out over reports of another caravan headed our way.  This one is headed toward Washington D.C. and it's a bunch of Democrats.  It includes a substantial proportion of women, many of whom are black and brown and have "funny" names.  Some are even Muslim.  Experts predict this caravan will reach our nation's capital in early January.  

New Normal

There was a mass shooting in a popular bar in Thousand Oaks, California.  Twelve are dead.  The killer was a local ex-Marine.  For his final act, he killed himself.  This horrifying incident was the second mass shooting . . . in the past twelve days!  WTF, America!  Too many guns, too little control, too much risk.  All those proud, libitty-lovin' 'Muricans with a small aresenal at home are part of the problem, whether they know it or not.  Their celebration of their fucked-up Second Amendment rights have left the rest of us looking for the escape routes in every building we enter.  This new normal is not normal.  

Good night, friends, and good luck.   

Monday, November 5, 2018

One Last Time

Please remember that when Republicans say they'll protect coverage for pre-exisiting health conditions, they're lying.