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Friday, August 26, 2016

The New Civility And The "Softening" Of The Trump Campaign

(From the HuffPost Hill, 8/26/16, by Arthur Delaney)

Two Trump surrogates demonstrated the new, softer campaign tone:  Maine Gov. Paul LePage apologized for calling someone a “son-of-a-bitch socialist cocksucker” and New Hampshire state rep Al Baldasaro said he regretted “the way” he said Hillary Clinton should be shot by a firing squad, so civility is still alive in our politics. And the Trump campaign hired Bill Stepien, a guy Chris Christie fired for the Bridgegate scandal, which means America can expect a hell of a traffic jam on its way home from Hillary Clinton’s inauguration.

Ol' Creepy Eyes Is Back!

The Repetitive Lie

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (D) is in a tight race with incumbent Senator Rob Portman (R) for Portman's Senate seat.  Robbie is a career political hack -- a corporate shill, an out-sourcer supreme, an NRA apologist, and a coward.  He's a one-percenter who's not only personally wealthy, he has the financial backing of the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers, and a variety of dark-money sources.  They're all spending big to attack Strickland with TV ads which repeat a few lies over and over. 

Class, we've covered this material before, but I want to make sure you've got these three points.  There may be a quiz.
  • Ted Strickland did not raise taxes by $800 million.  He merely delayed an already-planned tax cut by one year in order to balance the budget.  This is a "tax increase" only in Republican double-speak.  Overall, Strickland reduced taxes by 13%.
  • Ted Strickland did not cause Ohio to lose 350,000 jobs.  There was a little thing called the Great Recession.  You might recall it -- the worst financial downturn since 1929.  Things were sucky from coast to coast, and jobs were lost everywhere.  Ohio did better than many states.
  • Ted Strickland did not piss away Ohio's rainy-day fund.  The Great Recession was one hell of a rain storm, and he used our contingency fund appropriately, to avoid the alternative of tax increases and service cuts.  That's what a rainy-day fund is for.
"No, I am not an android.  Why do you ask?"
The Portman ad blitz is slimy.  It hopes the repetitive lie becomes the "truth."  Which is not a bad bet, since the average American voter is stupid and lazy and has the attention span of a gnat.  Not you, of course!

If you still need one more fact to convince you that Robbie Portman is a hack and a coward and a robotic tool, try this:  Portman endorses Donald Trump.

'Nuff sed.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stop Me When Any Of This Makes Sense

Some of the latest nonsense from The Donald:

Hillary is corrupt?  Puh-leeze!  Among a long list of similar offenses, Trump the "Debt King" owes his ass to Russia and China, refuses to show his tax returns, has six corporate bankruptcies, routinely stiffs his contractors, and built Trump Tower with illegal Polish immigrant workers he paid with vodka and threatened to deport if they made any trouble.  Etc., etc.  And you're worried about the Clinton Foundation?  Get over it.

Hillary is a bigot?  Puh-leeze!  Trump has surrounded himself with Breitbart, Fox News, David Duke, Roger Ailes, birthers, truthers, misogynists, and the alt-right wacko nation.  He settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit for racially discriminatory housing practices.  Who's a bigot?

The system is rigged.  The polls, the media, the election itself.  All of it.  Because if it wasn't rigged, Trump would be winning.  Yuugely!  Believe me.  

Trump is "moderating" his hard-line anti-immigrant stance.  Yes, he'll still build the wall, and he'll still have deportation squads, and every Mexican will still be sent back, but the "good ones" will be let back in.  It'll be "humane."  That sound you hear is Latino America rushing to vote against Trump. 

Trumpenstein is "reaching out" to black voters, because their lousy black lives don't matter and really, what do they have to lose?  Donnie's latest outreach involved bringing Brexit's nationalist, racist leader Nigel Farage to speak on race/class issues.  To an all-white audience.  In Jackson, Mississippi.  LMFAO!  Black support for Trump remains at 1%.

No word on how the Great Trumpkin plans to salvage the women's vote.  Ha-ha!

Not to get cocky, but the die is pretty much cast.  No matter what he says or does, Trump can't get much more support than he already has.  Which is not enough to win.

It is, however, enough to keep him in the Kardashian-style, faux-celebrity spotlight for the rest of his goofy, selfish, needy life.  Which is what he really wants.  Ratings!

Good gawd!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The New Statue In New York's Union Square

Look what mysteriously appeared yesterday in New York City's Union Square!

The official statement of  Sam Biederman, NYC Parks Dept. spokesperson:
"New York stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small."

(Sadly, the statue has already been removed.)

Another American Gold Medal

I'm approaching the end of my Olympic event.  It's the two-week marathon beach-sitting competition.  I've been doing very well and I'm in solid medal position.  With my usual strong finishing kick, I'm confident I can bring home the gold!

I just need to focus and ignore those callouses on my fanny.