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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Uninformed American

Isn't this pathetically dumb, misleading, and logic-free?  Three references to Civil War-era legislation giving human rights to people of color, plus an Obamacare mention.  Unconnected and meaningless.

Is the point that Republicans used to be great but now they suck?  No, I don't think so (even though that's very true).  I think the intended point is a convoluted dog whistle -- more along the lines that black people ought to be grateful for what Republicans gave them 150 years ago and should now be eternally quiet and well-behaved.  What any of this has to do with Obamacare is . . . nothing.  The whole premise is stupid.

The image was on the Facebook page of a website called "The Informed American -- A Beacon of Truth in a World of Lies."  This description is false advertising -- it may be a beacon of something but truth ain't it!  It's more of a collection of predictable white right propaganda and photos of Obama in a Nazi uniform.  "The Informed American" is a champion of gun-nut nonsense, racism, and bigotry of all sorts.  It's awful.

The image was re-posted by a friend on his FB page.  I've mentioned a number of similarly unenlightened posts from him in the past and chalked them off to carelessness.  No more.  Things don't get posted by accident.  You post it, you re-post it, you own it.

Facebook is the Swamp of Indiscretion.  My friend's posts are an example of why many people shouldn't be allowed to use social media.  They are Uninformed Americans.

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