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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Let's Not Go Nuts. And Let's Not Lose Sight Of The Real Issues.

Now Baton Rouge.  An apparent copy-cat killer who traveled to Louisiana from Kansas City, Mo. to do this shit.  This hurts my head and heart.  I'm getting tired of posting the words "fucking awful."  But it is.

And it also obscures the important, very real reasons why people were protesting in the first place.  The issues remain -- decades of police brutality, harassment, and institutional racism.

But now a pair of twisted nuts with guns have turned the thing on its head.  They have played into the hands of the right wing and allowed them to make the story about black people killing cops (which happens sometimes), instead of the other way around (which happens far more often).

Donald Trump will now scream about law and order and claim it's all Obama's fault.  Swell.

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