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Buster Gammons

Friday, July 8, 2016


Dallas.  Yet another mass shooting.  Fucking awful again.  Does it make you mad?  It should.

But let me ask you something about your anger.  And be honest with yourself.

  • Were you just as mad on Tuesday when Alton Sterling was killed by the police?  Were you equally incensed a day later when the same thing happened to Philando Castile?
  • Who are you angry with?  Are you enraged by those who shot the Dallas cops?  Or are you mad at the Dallas protestors?  Mad at the BlackLivesMatter movement?  Mad at the whole black race?

If you're angry only when cops are unjustly killed and not the other way around, you're a one-sided hypocrite.

If you blame an entire race or religion for the evil deeds of individuals, you're a scapegoating simpleton and bigot.

You're pretty much like this gaping asshole, a former congressman from Illinois.  (Hooray for "former"!  He's now a right-wing radio host.  Of course.)  Don't be like him.


1 comment:

  1. I don't know of Joe Walsh the ex-congressman, but from the tweets he's an ass hole.
    You asked 7 questions. Here're my answers
    1) appalled
    2) even more so
    3) murders, media (including social), racists, most politicians & others seemingly too numerous to include here
    4) yes
    5) no
    6) all lives matter, but I wouldn't want to wear a minorityear person's shoes. They seem to constantly get fucked by the man.
    7) Absolutely not, but I'm angry with violent murders of any race.
    And anyone like Joe Walsh who fans the flames of racism.
    Oh,and finaglers & buffoons. I don't care for either! Although I'd rather have the finagler.