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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Can't Spell "Truth" Without Ruth

So the Notorious RBG offended Little Donnie Trump by calling him a faker and said she couldn't imagine what the country would be with him as president.  As insults go, that's pretty damn mild (not to mention completely accurate).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows her "regret."
Go, RBG, go!
Naturally, Donnie's thin skin tore wide open as he tweeted that Ginsburg's mind was "shot" and called for her to resign.  As insults go, that takes it up a few notches.

Today, Justice Ginsburg said she "regretted" her remarks, but didn't apologize to Trump, and she shouldn't.

Will Trump apologize to her?

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  1. If Trump wins, God forbid, will she really move to New Zealand?