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Buster Gammons

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bradley Cooper Disappoints

Bradley Cooper is a well-known, accomplished actor who has played many intriguing roles on screen.  One was his portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in "American Sniper."  The film was a hit and became a big favorite at conservative pajama parties -- they loved watching Iraqi bad guys get blown away.

When Cooper was shown in attendance at the Democratic Convention, the conserva-tard Twitter-verse went nuts.  "OMG!  Cooper's not a Republican?  I'll never watch him again!"

Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle is what's known as "acting."  It doesn't mean he's actually a Republican or a sniper.

Conservatives were equally disappointed to learn that Anthony Hopkins doesn't really eat people, and that Morgan Freeman isn't really God.

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  1. Morgan Freeman couldn't be God. He's BLACK!