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Saturday, April 30, 2016

"I'll Have A Dry Martini, Extra Collagen"

From the P.T. Barnum School of Marketing, it's Anti-aGin' -- a new British gin which promises to "rejuvenate your skin as you drink."  That's because it's distilled with collagen, a protein often used in cosmetic skincare lotions and potions.  But this is a little, uh, different.

The Fountain of Youth at 80 proof?  Skin and tonic?  Call me skeptical.  I haven't tried Anti-aGin' and at $50 a bottle, I probably never will.

My New Friend Rahim Experiences 'Murica

On a Friday night perhaps a month ago, the lovely Mrs. Gammons and I stopped in at our usual haunt.  I immediately noticed my old friend and neighbor puffing a cigar in the outdoor smoking area, so I stepped out to say hi and chat him up.  He had been talking to a couple fellow smokers, young men who he introduced as "the Algerians," and we shook hands.

Now, you must understand my friend.  He's a hard-working family man, a real sweetheart, and a basic Jersey Guy who is, against his own self-interests, a staunch conservative.  I don't know what he and the Algerians were discussing, but I can take an educated guess.

Because one of the young men immediately asked me if I knew where Algeria was.  "Northern Africa," I replied, earning myself an appreciative fist-bump.  (I'd guess my friend got the same question and was unable to answer correctly.)  Then the young man asked me if I was going to vote for Donald Trump!  I did a spit-take laugh/choke -- "No!  No fucking way!"  The Algerians chuckled along with me.  (And again I'd guess my friend got the same question and answered in the affirmative.)

And that was pretty much the end of that amusement.  I left them with their smokes and went back inside.  The Algerians must have departed soon after.  I didn't have a chance to speak with them further.  They seemed like good guys.

All of which is preamble to what I want to tell you.

Last night, we visited the usual place again and this time I was properly introduced to one of the Algerians.  His name is Rahim, and he's a delightful, soft-spoken young man.  He remembered me from before.  He's lived in the U.S. for not quite a decade, has a college degree, works in the medical supplies business, is a big basketball fan and a proud American citizen, as well as a citizen of Algeria.  I'm very glad to have made his acquaintance.

Rahim was flying solo last night, minding his own business, when he was suddenly button-holed by one of the more unpalatable denizens of our little watering hole -- a prejudiced old white guy* who often wears plaid shirts and hunting vests, talks about guns and terrorists and right-wing conspiracy theories, and has never been seen (by me) in the company of a woman.

For some reason, this belligerent gasbag decided to go full Ugly American on Rahim, quizzing him on Islam, asking him why Muslim men mistreat women, and all but accusing him of being a knife-wielding ISIS headman.  Stunned by such out-of-nowhere antagonism, Rahim wisely did not take the bait and engage with this asshole, and the ugly scene was over quickly.

But Rahim was shaken by the episode.  He told me it was the first time he'd ever experienced anything like it -- an obvious bigot making wild assumptions based on "my name and the way I look."   Rahim is not a Muslim.  Algeria may be majority Muslim, but Rahim ain't one of 'em.  He told me he's agnostic!  How wonderfully ironic.  Yet he must endure a faceful of Islamophobia just because he's dark-complected and his name is Rahim.

It's sad that racism and ethnic/religious prejudice still exist.  It's also encouraging to hear Rahim say it was his first encounter with it.  I hope there won't be too many more.  The world is changing, America is changing, and Rahim and others like him are part of the new face of America.  They are the future, our new citizens and our new majority.  And people like the old hate-monger are part of the past -- the angry, take-our-country-back people.  To borrow from Dylan Thomas, they are raging, raging against the dying of the white.

(* Definitely not my aforementioned friend and neighbor.)

Mr. Sulu, Plot A Course For Planet Earth And Prepare To Share Your Message

"Mr. Sulu, plot a course for Earth."
I'm George Takei. As many of you probably know, I'm a Democrat. And as you may have seen, I've also been a fan of Bernie Sanders. Much of what he stood for and helped bring to the forefront in this primary are things I too have fought for. I stood with the protesters at Occupy Wall Street and have spoken out often for campaign finance reform. I crowd-funded to defeat entrenched corporate interests in Congress. So I like Bernie. A lot of folks like Bernie. Even God, Himself, sent Bernie a tweet. But having been through many bruising primaries in my life, I'm also a realist. From where I sit, the math is clear. Hillary will likely win, and she will be our nominee. But that doesn't mean Bernie didn't also win. He won in a myriad of ways, none more so than energizing the Democratic base in a way no one expected. Young people in particular have become so passionate about this election. Because they recognize the historic importance at stake is nothing less than the very soul of our nation. So I'm asking Democrats out there to take a pledge, along with me.
#Vote Blue No Matter Who

While this primary, at times, has felt damaging, with 
many a harsh word leveled by both sides —  ultimately, we Democrats know that a bit of a tussle isn't a bad thing. It makes us stronger, keeps us sharp. And really, it's like a family squabble. For only family, those very close to us, can truly get under our skin, but remember this too: it's precisely because we respect and like each other that the words and criticism sting as much as they do.

But here's the other thing about family — we come together 
when threatened and come together we will in November. In case you need a bit more convincing, there are many fundamental things both Bernie and Hillary agree on and would both work towards once in the White House.

medicare and the Affordable Care Act
Raise the minimum wage
Protect a woman's right to choose
Fund Planned Parenthood
Make college much more affordable
Keep the church and state separate
Protect Social Security
Fight for LGBT 
rights and equality
Lead the world in combating climate change
immigration reform with a path to citizenship
Raise taxes on the top earners

nd importantly, both would appoint justices to the Supreme Court who share compassionate progressive values to stop the Conservatives from undoing decades of gains. Bernie himself has said, “On her worst day Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican candidate on his best day.” If he believes that, his supporters can too. If your state has yet to vote, please do make your voice heard for the candidate you prefer.  But remember, come November, Vote Blue No Matter Who.

Friday, April 29, 2016

How To Fake Being Presidential, Plus Black Trump Rap Video "They Love Me"


Bobby Knight On "This Presidential Crap"

Wow, Bobby.  Yes indeed, how do you top that -- that error-filled, bilious, drunken rant?  Sit down, Coach, have another big ol' bourbon and STFU!  This is the sort of shit that got you fired at Indiana.

For the record:

"Truman dropped the bomb in 1944."  No, it was 1945.
"It saved billions of American lives."  The point is understood, but your number is a gross exaggeration.
"Donald will do the same thing."  What?  Drop a nuclear bomb?  Oh great!  What could be more presidential?

Bobby Knight and Donald Trump.  Loudmouth megalomaniac assholes have to stick together.

Check Out My New Bumper Sticker!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ironically, Evangelical Voters Love Him

Yesterday, retired political hack John Boehner put down his smokes and his Merlot long enough to describe not-president Ted Cruz as a "miserable son of a bitch" and "Lucifer in the flesh."  This comment takes it up a notch.  While still in Congress, Boehner had always charitably referred to Cruz as a "jackass" and a "false prophet."

The former Weeper of the House is obviously enjoying his retirement!



A Bad Day For AEP

. . . is a good day for the rest of us.

"We're AEP.  We can do
whatever we want.  (Snort!)"
AEP, American Electric Power, is my favorite utility . . . to hate.  They have a long, lousy history of lies, greed, pollution, butchery of the landscape, service outages, laziness, and general douchebaggery.  At every turn, AEP demonstrates disdain for the customer.  Their default setting is to always ask us to pay more.  And they're always shocked -- shocked! -- if anyone objects.

Yesterday, AEP had a bad day.  Two separate rulings went against them.

AEP coal barge on the Ohio River
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission blocked a controversial plan allowing AEP to continue operating old, dirty, non-compliant coal-burning power plants while guaranteeing profits to AEP for eight years.  The profit guarantee was to have been achieved by surcharges to customers.  This plan had previously been approved by the all-Republican, politically appointed PUCO.

Smart meter
Then, surprisingly, the normally spineless PUCO got into the act.  The PUCO put a hold on part of AEP's proposal to switch Ohio customer's to so-called "smart meters" which send usage data directly to AEP.  This eliminates the need for meter readers, and should result in lower bills for customers.  Customers could refuse to switch to the new smart meters, but AEP's proposal called for charging the refuseniks a one-time $43 fuck-you fee, then $24 a month thereafter.  But the PUCO found that in smart meter test markets, customers were not seeing any appreciable reduction in their electric bills.  Since the smart meter savings seem to be imaginary, the PUCO will not allow AEP to charge fees to opt-out customers unless they can demonstrate actual, equivalent smart meter savings.

It was a good day, unless you were AEP.

Canada Issues A Warning

Young People, Do Your Part And Vote

(Suggested by Kwame Anthony Appiah)

The die is almost cast.  It's pretty clear that, unless there's a whole bunch of fun at the GOP convention, it's going to be Hillary versus Donnie Drumpf in the fall.  And the prospect of this match-up does not exactly fill everyone with joy.

Many Republicans are understandably mortified by the thought of Trump as their nominee, even as they shed no tears for failure of Cruz, Kasich, et al.  Some younger Democrats are disappointed by the apparent end of the line for Bernie, and claim they won't vote at all unless he's the nominee.

As Mick and Keith once told us, "You can't always get what you want."  We don't always get inspiring, ideal presidential candidates.  In fact, we seldom do.  But at least we always get a choice.  Maybe it's between the lesser of two evils.  Maybe it's voting against one person more than for the other.  But you do have a choice.

Refusing to vote because your guy didn't make it is not a choice -- it's throwing your choice away.  And please don't try to rationalize non-participation by saying "one vote doesn't matter."  The one certain way to make sure it doesn't matter is not to use it.

Think of your vote as a "we" thing rather than an "I" thing.  Think of an election as a gigantic game of tug-of-war.  You must be on one side or the other.  There are millions of players on each side and the rope is long.  But you pick a side, grab the rope and pull.  You do your part.  Whatever happens, it's comforting to be part of a group effort.  If your team wins, you can truthfully say "we won."  And that's true even if your team would have won without you.  If your team loses, you have to say "we lost."  But you were still among the people who determined the outcome, even if you didn't like the outcome.  You still did your part.

Today's Social Conservative Freak-Out

"Hold Up" from Lemonade

It's 2016.  If your biggest problem is Beyonce, kill yourself.
-- Mike Yard

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Play The Woman Card!

Serial liar, misogynist, and tiny-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump is whining that "the only thing Hillary Clinton's got going is the woman's card, and if she were a man she wouldn't get 5 percent of the vote."  Oh Donald, there you go again!

He also claims that "women don't like Hillary."  I suppose some don't, but plenty do.  (And I suppose there are some talking yams with orangutan hair who don't like Trump.)

More to the point, the majority of women (52%) really, really don't like Trump and prefer Hillary by a double-digit margin (48%-35%).

(Not an actual "woman card")
Trump has no compunction about proudly playing the gold-plated asshole card, so hell yes, Hillary -- play the woman card!  Play it a lot.  Play it every day.  Trump has no comeback for it.

"Honestly, America -- isn't it time for a female President?  Now is that time.  Together, let's make history again!"

Let's do it.

Trump May Be Presumptive, But Cruz Is Perpetually Despised (Even By God)

He just announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate.  It won't help.  GOP nomination-wise, Ted Cruz has reached the stick-a-fork-in-him point.  The Goofy Old Party seemingly has no choice but to take a dump with Trump.

So, I know it's not nice to kick a guy when he's down, but c'mon -- it's Ted Cruz!  And everybody hates Ted!

Here are 5 hilarious minutes with Samantha Bee to explain it all:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Circular Firing Squads

It was national news.  Last Friday, in four different homes in rural Pike County, Ohio, eight members of the Rhoden family were murdered mob-hit-style.  Most were shot and killed as they slept.  There may or may not have been a drug connection.  No suspects, no leads.  A terrible, brutal crime.

So what does Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader do calm his gob-smacked citizens?  He calls for residents to arm themselves!     "OK, first, everybody panic!!  Next, everybody get a gun!"

Great idea, Sheriff.  The Rhodens were methodically executed -- assassinated in their sleep.  Having firearms (and odds are they did) would be of no use.  And there is absolutely no reason to believe that the killers are hanging around waiting to murder every person in Pike County.  They did the hit, and split.

But Sheriff Goober suggests the entire county should strap up and form a circular firing squad.  How about not?  The horror of yet another mass shooting does not excuse stupid, fear-mongering, inflammatory remarks from the authorities.

Somehow, I'm reminded of a friend ours.  She bought herself a handgun, then obtained a concealed carry license, but recently admitted to us she needs a lot more practice using her gun.  Well then, what's the friggin' point? 

Suppose, instead, one of the following:

  • She has a pilot's license, but admits she needs more practice flying a plane.
  • She has a pharmacist's license, but admits she needs more practice filling prescriptions.

Neither would be acceptable, let alone legal.  But hell yeah,  you can have a gun and not really know how to use it.  No problem.  Second Amendment!!

In this area, dear readers, our problem is not just crime and it is not just mental illness.  It is too damn many guns.  Way too many.  More guns is not the answer.  Guns don't make you safer, they just make gun violence more likely.  One way or another, America needs to disarm.

Want To Take Your Country Back?

(Inspired by an email from the Old Philosopher, D.W.)

"It's time to take our country back!"  We've been hearing that right-wing slogan for about 8 years now.  (And we broke the code immediately.)

Since a certain element seems to be so enamored of saying "take our country back," one might reasonably ask them, "How far back do you want to go?"

How about September 2008?  Wall Street failures, government bailouts, and a global financial crisis of historic proportions.

March 2003?  The invasion of Iraq under false pretenses.  A war based on lies.  A nation destroyed, a region destabilized, ISIS created, and more unnecessary casualties than stars in the sky.

1983-1988?  The Iran-Contra scandal.  Saint Ronnie trades guns to Iran for Hezbollah hostages.

June 1972?  The Watergate break-in, followed by the Watergate cover-up, followed by the Watergate hearings, followed by the impeachment and resignation of Richard Nixon.

1961-1975?  Viet Nam War.  "And it's one-two-three, what are we fightin' for?"

1947-1954?  House Un-American Activites Committee, the Hollywood blacklist, the Army-McCarthy hearings.  Red menace!

1920-1933?  Prohibition.  The WCTU.  Elliot Ness.  No legal booze, but plenty of organized crime.

Early 1900's?  Bible-beating Evangelical charlatan preachers like Billy Sunday and Aimee Semple McPherson.  Praise God and pass the collection plate.

April 12, 1861?  Start of the Civil War.  Rebel forces fire on Fort Sumter, SC.  States rights!  Yee-ha!

1619-1865?  Legal slavery, plus the legal slaughter of Native Americans, buffalo, and anything too slow to get out of the way.  Manifest destiny!  What's not to like?

Again, exactly how far back do you want to take the country?

It is the persistent and unfounded belief of conservative minds through the ages that "today" has always gone straight to hell in a hand-basket, and things were always better in "the good old days."

"The way out for America is not ahead but back.  How far back?  Back as far as the old Gospel." -- Rev. James W. Fifield, Jr., 1937, pastor of the First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, and head of the anti-FDR group, the Spiritual Mobilization.  (From One Nation Under God,  by Kevin M. Kruse, 2015, Basic Books)

Yo Rev, that's pretty far back!

Allow Me To Respond

Yesterday, Donald Trump had this to say about John Kasich:

"This guy takes a pancake and he's shoveling it in his mouth.  It's disgusting!  Do you want that for your president?  I don't think so."

With the understanding that I'm in no way defending the douchebag Kasich, with your permission, I will respond to Mr. Trump:

"This guy takes a gallon of hairspray to lacquer his ridiculous coif in place, he has a bad spray tan that makes him look like an orange raccoon, he's constantly insulting everybody else, he can't stop bragging and lying about himself, he speaks with the vocabulary of a 3rd-grader, and he's a tiny-fingered vulgarian.  It's disgusting!  Do you want that for your president?  I don't think so."

Friday, April 22, 2016

Has Donald Trump Acquired Southwest Airlines?

Twice this month, Southwest Airlines had Muslim passengers removed from flights for being . . . uh, Muslim.

In one case, a Southwest flight attendant felt "uncomfortable" with a Muslim woman wearing a hijab and had her removed for that reason.  In the other, a Muslim man was ejected for speaking aloud in Arabic, on his phone.

I'm Gonna Retire, Move To Florida, And Bitch About The Government Full-Time!

We're concluding a two-week stay in Jacksonville Beach.  It's been wonderful.  We caught up with some friends who live down here, and made some new ones.  Jax Beach has a very laid-back, live-and-let-live vibe, which we appreciate.

The state of Florida is quite populous, with many big cities and lots of open-minded, progressive people.  Of course, there are other sorts of people too.

The exterior of the condo complex where we stay is being totally repainted, top to bottom.  The first few days of our stay featured a nor'easter -- strong 40 MPH winds blowing in off the Atlantic.  The storm conditions did not deter the painters, who continued to paint in the wind and splattered paint drops all over our car.  Geniuses!

One of the genius painting crew drove the company truck, which displayed the company name and a typical "How's My Driving? Call 1-800-blah-blah" bumper sticker.  The company truck also displayed the bumper sticker shown here.  Is that the official corporate position?  Florida has no state income tax, but the painters are still pissed off about taxes.

Both houses of the Florida state legislature unanimously passed a bill creating small Health Dept. grants to provide greater access to dental care in under-served rural areas.  Unanimous!  That's pretty hard to do in these times, so it must have been a really good and necessary idea.  And it was.  So, naturally, Gov. Rick "Voldemort" Scott vetoed it for "not placing appropriate safeguards on taxpayer interests."  i.e., Gov. Voldemort will not spend one thin dime to protect the few remaining teeth of his constituents.

Here's another bumper sticker on the same painting company truck.  I don't know why good-ol'-boy painting contractors need to bitch about welfare by sticking signs on their company vehicle.  Another official corporate position?  Is it that hard to get a building permit?  Maybe in Florida they make you pee in a cup before they issue you the permit.    

Kept seeing these campaign ads down here for Carlos Beruff.  He's a controversial multi-millionaire real estate developer.  He's never even been elected to student council, but now he wants to be a U.S. Senator.  He's a Trump-ish demagogue who is borrowing heavily from Trump's shoot-from-the-lip playbook.  "I'm a business guy."  "Politicians are worthless.  They're screwing up the country."  "Put America First!"  "I'm sick of Washington D.C. (so send me there!)"  Here's one of his TV spots:

Like Trump, Beruff is a real estate tycoon who speaks in superlatives.  Like Trump, he's widely considered to be a bully.  Like Trump, he's running as a Republican but, like Trump, he's more like a modern day member of the old Know Nothing Party.  In your fear and hatred message, just substitute Mexicans and Muslims for Irish and Catholics.

I hope the good people of Florida don't fall for Carlos Beruff's bullshit.

It's been great down here -- but we gotta head back to our own crazy state.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

RIP, Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson, a.k.a. Prince, a.k.a. the unpronounceable symbol.  Gone way too soon at age 57.

If you followed music in the 1980's, you followed Prince.  He was androgynous, a wild dresser, a prolific creator, a great musician, a maker of mega-hits, dynamic performer, an occasional actor, and a philanthropist.  To call him influential is to put it mildly.

He'll be missed, but he left behind a wonderful musical legacy for all to enjoy.  And with his untimely passing, he also gave us one final gift:  For one full day, we heard virtually nothing about that horse's ass Donald Trump.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Public Health Crisis

Guess what the state of Utah has just declared to be a "public health crisis"?

Pornography, of course!

Yesterday, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Republican and Mormon, signed a state resolution to that effect, which vowed to "prevent exposure and addiction" to porn and to combat it at a "societal level."

Conservatives just keep recycling their favorite old boogeymen and silly things to be afraid of.

America is far and away the world leader in gun violence, per capita gun possession, and per capita gun deaths.  Might gun violence be considered a public health crisis?  Something to prevent at a societal level?  NO!  But pornography -- there's something that's really dangerous.

Republicans are a public health crisis.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kasich Wants Those Who Face Discrimination to Just "Get Over It"

And John-Boy, I am so over you!

On Sunday, Ohio's Wonder Guv John Kasich told CNN that, as president, he would do nothing to prevent more states from passing anti-LGBT laws like those in North Carolina and Mississippi, that he wished all the backlash and public outcry would fade away, and said that anyone dealing with discrimination should just "get over it."

Kasich:  "If you feel as though somebody is doing something wrong against you, can you just, for a second, get over it, you know, because this thing will settle down."

This is Jawhnny Kaysuck, the mush-mouthed moron I've come to know and loathe.  His brilliant prescription to address civil rights injustices?  Just get over it.  This thing will settle down.

Wouldn't you love to hear him trying to tell Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr., et al, to just get over it? 

Ted Munster


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ted Cruz's Daughter Doesn't Want To Be Kissed By Ted Cruz; "Off Me, You Monster!"


Why Would Any Woman Vote For This Guy?

At a campaign event, a college-age woman asked John Kasich what he would do as president to help protect her from sexual assaults on campus.  Not a question in Jawhnny's wheelhouse, so he tap-danced with BS about "confidential reporting" and the ability to "pursue justice after you've had time to reflect on it all."  (Because, little girl, it was probably your fault in the first place.)

His final thought on the subject:  "I'll give you one bit of advice.  Don't go to parties where there's a lot of alcohol." 

Why would any woman ever vote for John Kasich?  Come to think of it, why would anyone vote for Kasich?  Or Cruz or Trump, for that matter.

Friday, April 15, 2016

What Does He Think About Blow-Up Dolls?

(Let's take a short break from the easy mockery of Donald Trump -- he's such low-hanging fruit -- and get a glimpse into the mind of another GOP presidential wanna-be, the evangelical wacko Ted Cruz.)

In 2004 lawsuit, Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz tried valiantly to defend the state's legal ban on the sale of dildos and other sex toys.  His writing on the matter has resurfaced, and his words are, uh, interesting.

In his court brief, Cruz insisted that in order to protect "public morals", Texas had "police-power interests in discouraging prurient interests in sexual gratification, combating the commercial sale of sex, and protecting minors."  The brief maintained there was a "government interest in discouraging autonomous sex" and compared the use of sex toys with "hiring a willing prostitute or engaging in consensual bigamy."  It equated advertising these products with the commercial promotion of prostitution.  And it declared "there is no substantive due-process-right to stimulate one's genitals for non-medical purposes unrelated to procreation or outside of an interpersonal relationship."

Wow!  What a stunning mish-mash of law and Christian fundamentalist moralizing hokum!

According to Ted, you have no legal right to play with yourself, and a dildo is pretty much the same thing as a prostitute.  If that's so, I wonder what Ted thinks about blow-up dolls?

In a rare instance of Texas sanity, Cruz's defense failed and the dildo ban was lifted.  And twelve years later, Cruz's words return to shine a useful light on the prudish religious nut who wants to be our nation's leader.

"It's a shame to see dildos persecuted and marginalized by one of their own."  -- Larry Wilmore

These Are Trump's People

Campaigning in the New York state primary, Donald Trump declared, "These are my people!"  A bit later, he helpfully explained that "New York is . . . New York."  Thanks for clearing that up.

Although The Donald may peddle the baloney that John Doe and Jane Doe are "his people," remember that he's a tycoon.  More likely John and Jane are his servants.

Meet the three disreputable dogs running his campaign.  They are Trump's people.

Roger Stone, informal campaign adviser.  Recently threatened to ambush any non-Trump delegates at July's Cleveland convention by "visiting" in their hotel rooms for a little midnight persuasion.  He also wants Trump's delegates to sign a "loyalty pledge" to vote for Trump in every round of balloting.  Stone is a career right-wing lobbyist and a proud dirty trickster.  He got his start working for Tricky Dicky Nixon's CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President) of Watergate infamy.  Stone has a Nixon tattoo on his back.

Paul Manafort, convention manager, i.e. delegate hunter/vote wrangler/midnight visitor.  Worked with Stone at the lobbying firm of Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly, an outfit known as the "Torturers Lobby."  Manafort represented dictators, guerrilla groups, oil sheiks, and murderous regimes and led efforts to supply them with U.S. guns and military equipment and government cash.  The client list included the likes of Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Jonas Savimbi of Angola, and Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine.

Corey Lewandowski, strong-arm campaign manager/bouncer.  Lobbyist for the right.  Got his start working for disgraced former Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), who was convicted of corruption.  Lewandowski then worked for Americans For Prosperity, one of the Koch brothers dark-money super-PACs.  He was recently charged with battery for roughly grabbing a reporter during a Trump event, and was once arrested for carrying a loaded handgun in the D.C. Congressional Office Building.

Trump's people.  They're thugs.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Forgot To Register To Vote In N.Y.

But remembered to kill a leopard and pose with its carcass.  What well-raised young men.  Stultus homo magnus!