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Monday, July 18, 2016

Can't Win With Just The Old White Right, Unless . . .

It's an interesting and seemingly doomed approach.  Donald Trump has selected the bland, little known, anti-gay, anti-abortion Super-Christian Mike Pence as his running mate.  In so doing, Trump appears to be going all-out to win one particular segment -- under-educated white racist wingnuts -- at the expense all other categories.  This strategy might win him Mississippi, but it probably won't win him the White House.  There are just not enough people in the Old White Right to get that job done.

They say demographics are destiny.  I hope so.  Personally, I just can't believe we have enough complete idiots in America to elect Donald Trump as president.  The only way he could possibly do it would be through trickeration in several key GOP-controlled states, Ohio included.

A faithful West Coast reader points out that it's been done before, and she's sent along this video for your consideration.  We must be diligent to guard against the old "strip and flip."

They wouldn't try to pull that shit again, would they?  You better believe they would!  Trump has zero scruples, and his campaign manager Paul Manafort is human slime who made his career lobbying on behalf of despicable foreign dictators and tyrants.  After that, what's a little election fraud?

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