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Buster Gammons

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Herr Drumpf Hasst Juden

Herr Drumpf insists this wasn't an anti-Semitic dog whistle.  Das ist kein judischer stern!  Nein!  Nein!  He swears it was just a "sheriff's badge" from Microsoft Shapes.  And it just happened to be superimposed on a pile of money.  So Donnie, what then, precisely, was your message with retweeting this image from a Jew-hating, neo-Nazi, alt-right scum website?  Take your time, we'll wait . . .

Oh hell, we all know what you meant, you bigoted scheisse hund!

He and his crack staff are nothing more than the same low-grade morons who post this shit in the first place, along with the idiots who share it willy-nilly without checking, thinking, vetting, or caring.

And where does Trump get off calling other people corrupt?  The Donald built his career on corrupt!  Borrow from you now, schmooze you now, then fuck you later.  The Art of the Chapter 11 Deal!

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