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Friday, July 29, 2016

"F*** Your Conscience. Vote For Hillary."

I stumbled upon this.  It is strong stuff!  Ashley Wool is musical theater performer in NYC.  She's a total stranger to me, but I like her message and I like her style -- it's quite possibly more profane, snarky and disrespectful than my own.  Some excerpts follow the full-article link.


This op-ed is not addressed to Donald Trump supporters. Because at this point, if you’re still supporting Trump, you’re at least one of three things. Either you’re not paying attention at all...or you’re the stubborn kind of stupid that cannot be fixed with the presentation of facts, logic, citations, and reality...and/or you’re the kind of heartless that cannot be fixed by appealing to your better nature, because you have none.

But this message isn’t for you. So go on back to playing with your guns and Confederate flags until I feel like dealing with you again.

Louder now, for the people in the back: Fuck your conscience. Your conscience does not matter. Wanna know what does matter? Your vote. Your conscience only belongs to you, but your vote belongs to everyone.
You don’t vote for the Facebook likes. You don’t vote for you. You vote as a way to help give your entire country the best chance it can realistically have at this point in time.
Hillary Clinton is far and away the best realistic option we have. Therefore, if you don’t vote for her this year, regardless of whether or not you like her or agree with her, you are not voting in your country’s best interest.
You might say, “I hate Trump, but I can’t vote for a Democrat because I’m a lifelong Republican!” In which case, fuck your conscience extra hard, because you let Trump happen. You let your party stray too far from the ideals you purport to extol, so it took a swift nosedive into Assholeville and you didn’t stop it, and now you have an incompetent narcissist on your ticket. He is your fault. If you didn’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House, you should have nominated an opponent who’s anywhere near worthy of competing with her. Alas, you didn’t. So now you have to vote for her to destroy the monster you created.
Open your mind to the idea that maybe you actually would like her if it weren’t for so many people saying you aren’t supposed to.
Vote for Hillary. Your conscience will get over it. America will not get over the alternative.

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