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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Buster Pokes The Facebook Hornet's Nest

I have an acqaintance, Susan, from Florida.  We're Facebook friends.

Yesterday she posted that ABC shouldn't have cancelled Roseanne's show just because of her racist tweet calling Valerie Jarrett an ape.  She didn't think Roseanne deserved to be fired for it, and gave examples of the still-working Michelle Wolf, Kathy Griffin (who was indeed fired by CNN), and The View talk show.

Almost all her commenters enthusiastically agreed with her, in their own special misspelled, ungrammatical ways.

  • It was a "double standard" to cancel Roseanne but not cancel The View.
  • Joy Behar is a toxic snake who threatened Trump's life.  (She did not.)
  • Racism is everywhere so it's "hypocritical" to single out poor Roseanne.
  • Leave her on the air and use her show for "education."

There was only one guy who swam against the tide, called out the racism and said he was glad Roseanne was gone.  I couldn't let him fly solo, so I gave him a "like" and posted this:

Sorry Susan, but you and the commenters agreeing with you are all wet.  Roseanne's words were blatantly racist.  Her firing was entirely appropriate.  She has a long track record of racism, as does her buddy Dolt 45.  Those who support either of them are at least implicitly racist too, although they never seem to recognize it in themselves.  All the comments about The View, etc. miss the mark -- the usual false equivalencies and bogus what-aboutism.

After poking the hornet's nest, I got some quick and cranky replies.

  • Why was I labeling people as racists over a difference of opinion?  (There's no "opinion."  What she said was racist.  That is fact.)
  • Was I implying that anyone who voted for Trump was a racist?  (Wasn't implying it, was saying it straight out.  Trump's racism was and is obvious.  If you voted for him and still support him, you must approve of his racism.  Therefore, you're a racist too.  QED.)
  • I'm an idiot liberal.  (I'll take an IQ test if you will.)
  • Hillary is untrustworthy.  (Like Trump isn't?  Why did Hillary enter this topic, and when will the righties get over their obsession with her?)

My only "like" came from the guy I mentioned.  I'll probably get some more love notes from the Roseanne/Trump apologists.  They should watch this:


Whatever He Thinks He Can Get Away With

Not that we need more proof, but he keeps giving us more and more:  It's indisputable that Donald Trump is living in a post-truth fantasy bubble, and he'd like all of us to live there with him.

This morning, the Lyin' King was in rare "up is down" form when he tweeted this whopper:

Not that it matters but I never fired James Comey because of Russia! The Corrupt Mainstream Media loves to keep pushing that narrative, but they know it is not true!

And as we all know, Trump said the exact opposite a year ago in a TV interview with NBC's Lester Holt, admitting he fired Comey for investigating the Russian connections.  There's video of him saying it, for Chrissakes!  But somehow in his mind, this doesn't matter.  For him, there is no truth, there are no objective facts.  There's only whatever he thinks he can get away with.

Don't let him get away with it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"The Rich Are Different From You And Me" -- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald may or may not have been talking about CEO pay packages.  If he was, "different" is putting it mildly.

Louis Hyman, business historian at Cornell University, puts it this way:  "For CEO's, it's like they're winning the lottery year after year.  It's grotesque how unequal [pay scales] have become."

A recent article in the New York Times reports on the compensation of CEO's of public companies with annual revenue of $1 billion or more.  Dodd-Frank requires that companies disclose, for the first time starting with 2017, their pay ratios -- a comparison of CEO pay to median employee pay.  The One Percent is going strong as the pay gap grows ever wider, and Trump's corporate tax giveaway accelerates the spread.  Little wonder corporate America wants Dodd-Frank to go away.

And a link to an illustrative chart of CEO pay rankings:  

I'll summarize a few of the have/have not stand-outs from the 2017 figures.

Weight Watchers -- $33.4 million total CEO pay, $6013 median employee pay.  Pay ratio 5550:1.  (CEO makes 5550 times more than the average worker.  But stock price did increase 287% in 2017.) 

Mattel -- $31.3 million total CEO total pay, $6271 median employee pay.  Pay ratio 4987:1.   (Revenues fell 11%, stock price dropped 41%, CEO was fired.)  

McDonald's -- $21.8 million CEO total pay, $7017 median employee pay.  Pay ratio 3101:1. 

First Data (credit card processor) -- $102.2 million CEO total pay, $50,406 median employee pay.  Pay ratio 2028:1.

Walmart -- $22.2 million total CEO pay, $19,177 median employee pay.  Pay ratio 1188:1.

Etc., etc.  Plenty more where those came from.  No one is suggesting that everyone should earn the same amount of money, but this shit is ridiculous and only getting worse.  The question is, what to do about it.

Short of another Great Depression or Storming of the Bastille, I really don't know.  It's not right. 

Final Scene: Roseanne Exits, Stage Alt-Right

Trump Memorial Day Tweet Fixed

Suggested by a faithful reader.  Thank you, faithful reader!

Monday, May 28, 2018

"On This Day, We Honor . . . Me!"

As I understand it, on Memorial Day we think of all those who have served our country over the many years, particularly those who gave their lives doing so.

But our narcissistic fake president, the Terrible Tot with Tiny Twitter Fingers, sees it as a day like any other, where his only purpose is to brag about himself, take credit for things he didn't do, and stroke his own ego.  In a totally tone-deaf tweet, he said that "those who died would be very happy" about today's economy!  "Nice!"
Later, he tweeted that those dead soldiers would also be very proud of his many Trump-brand hotels, golf courses and office buildings -- "The best!" -- and the fallen would surely be glad to join him in attacking the rigged Mueller investigation and the Fake News media -- 'VERY UNFAIR!"

SMH, all day, every day.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hooray For Ireland!

The Irish people just voted by a decisive two-to-one margin to overturn their 35 year-old law banning virtually all abortions.

Good for them!  The referendum to repeal their 8th Amendment was a clear piss-off message to the conservative Irish Catholic hierarchy.

Here's my message to all anti-abortion moralizers, whether Irish, American, or anywhere else in the world:

Since you're so vehemently opposed to abortion, don't have one!  But please let others choose for themselves.  Your position is not pro-life, it's just pro-birth, forcing women to deliver unwanted babies.  And beyond delivery, you just don't give a shit about the future lives of mother, father and child.

Around the world, abortion must remain legal, safe, easily accessible, and affordable.

The Never-Ending Nightmare Circus

Ol' Buster has been busy with other stuff, but it's time for a recap of recent horrors.  Our feckless leader, the Shredded Carrot Salad with Russian dressing, continues to lie his ass off everyday, bang his shoe on the table, and thoroughly embarrass himself and America.  Here are a few selected moments of chagrin:

"We're Meeting!  I've Cancelled the Meeting.  Maybe We'll Meet, Maybe Not.  We'll See."  That's our new one-size-fits-all foreign policy -- yes, no, maybe, we'll see.  Trump's like the old King Crimson song, 21st Century Schizoid Man.  It turns out Mr. Art of the Deal is not a deal-maker, just a deal-breaker, a demolition man.  The meeting with Kim Jong Un, the Paris Climate Accords, TPP, the Iran nuclear deal, NAFTA, DACA -- all destroyed by the Dispeptic Don.

"I hereby demand an investigation into the investigators who are investigating me!"  Trump and Ghouliani officially went into full freak-outmode over the Mueller/Russia probe.  Their latest scheme/lie is "Spygate" -- the utterly fabricated claim that Obama "infiltrated" the Trump campaign and "embedded" an informant to spy on poor unsuspecting Donald.  LMFAO!

Trump obviously thinks that promoting culture war racial division is a winning strategy.  He's back to screaming his angry bigotry about some (black) NFL players kneeling during the anthem as a peaceful, pre-game protest of enduring police brutality against the black community.  He's even suggested that if players won't stand, they should leave the country.  Weenie Roger Goodell and his bazillionnaire team owners are backing him all the way.  The NFL has a new official ban on taking a knee or making other on-field comments during pre-game activities.  The ban is a violation of labor law and the First Amendment free speech protection.  Players perceive it as a hostile act.  They're right.  So is NBA coach Steve Kerr -- the ban is "fake patriotism, idiotic."  Fuck the NFL, and fuck Donald Trump.

Trump and AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions recently announced their new cruel and unnecessary policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border, criminally prosecuting the parents, and placing the kids in "foster care, or whatever."  We've never done that before.  Trump then went fully fact-free when he tweet-blamed Democrats and urged them to end this "horrible law."  Donald, you dipshit, the D's had nothing to do with it, and it's not a law -- it's your own brand-new policy.

But then, completely out of character, the fraudulent, corrupt Grifter-In-Chief did an admirable thing, the one and only admirable thing he's ever done, as far as I can tell -- he posthumously pardoned Jack Johnson, legendary boxer of the early 20th century, the first great black heavyweight champion.  Despised by white racists, in 1913 Johnson was convicted by an all-white jury of a Mann Act violation.  His "sin"?  Crossing a state line with his white girlfriend "for immoral purposes."  Johnson fled to Europe but eventually returned and served several months in prison.  His pardon came 105 years too late, but Donnie actually did a decent thing.

One decent thing.  Probably his limit.

Not Until It HappensTo Their Kids

Great video sent by a dear reader.  Thank you, dear reader!

Remember when Ohio Sen. Rob Portman (R) finally had to change his tune on gay marriage when his own son came out as gay?  That's what it's gonna take for GOP legislators when it comes to real gun control -- some of their kids will need to be shot.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How Many Autocrats Does It Take . . .?

. . . To help elect Donald Trump, our very own American fascist?

Cheeto Benito's love and admiration for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is a given, and he's up to his eyeballs in Russian influence and dirty rubles.  Travels to Russia?  Meetings with Russian officials?  The Trump administration has done it in spades.  It's public knowledge.

Now we find out that Don Jr., a.k.a. Sonny, took another meeting in 2016 before the election.  Not with Russians this time.  It was with an Israeli social media "manipulator," a representative for both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and Erik Prince of Blackwater infamy, now a right wing Big Money Donor and brother of anti-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.  This meeting was arranged by Prince for the purpose of helping Don Frito win the election.

As most people know, any foreign involvement in American elections is strictly illegal.  But Donnie don't care!  In fact, he encourages it, wants to do more of it, and is pissed when he can't.

Let's review:  Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Israel.  That's the count so far.  How many foreign countries with autocratic strong men wanted Trump to win?  And why?  Mr. Mueller has a few more questions. 

In affairs both foreign and domestic, Trump is just an asshole with delusions of grandeur and no regard for rules or laws-- kinda like The Brain from the old cartoon Pinky & The Brain. 

Trump's words from last November: 

"The saddest thing is that because I'm the president of the United States, I'm not supposed to be involved with the Justice Dept.  I'm not supposed to be involved with the FBI.  I'm not supposed to be doing the kind of things that I would love to be doing.  And I am very frustrated by it."  

"I Hereby Demand . . ."

So, Donnie Distemper "demands," does he?  Does he really believe that Obama put a spy in the Trump campaign, "infiltrated," just to mess with him?  Really?  We are deep in the Info Wars conspiracy theory wackadoodle weeds on this one.

"I demand!  Do you hear me?  DEMAND!"
There's nothing new here, just Trumped-up hysterical subject-changing and intentional distraction.  We've known for some time that the FBI was looking into the Trump campaign's suspicious Russian connections.  They have their reasons, they have their sources, and they used them.  That's what they do.  And they don't do it if they think you're squeaky-clean.  And Trump is a filthy pig.  (Fatefully, James Comey chose to keep quiet about the Trump investigation, while deciding to go public just before the election with his decision to reopen the probe into Hillary's emails.)

The DOJ agreed yesterday to let Trump's errand boy, Devin Nunes, and other GOP congressmen review certain related classified documents.  Nunes?  Good gawd!

I have a demand myself.  I demand that this lame conspiracy theory and Devin Nunes be appropriately treated as the turds that they are -- flushed!

John Kelly's Tales of Immigration -- "Foster Care. Or Whatever."

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royally Silly

Oh boy, today was the big Royal Wedding!  Pomp!  Circumstance!  Monarchy!  Sixth in line for The Throne!  Significance!

I watched only a few minutes of it on the HBO "broadcast," anchored by the always insightful Cord and Tish (aka Will Ferrel and Molly Shannon).  Their parody commentary was perfect for such a silly waste of time and money.  Here's what I learned:

"In England, they call breakfast Brexit."

"A macaroon is an English cookie which is remarkably flavorless but still beautiful in appearance."

"This is only the second time in the long history of the British monarchy that a commoner has married into the Royal Family.  The first was, of course, when Gwyneth Paltrow married Chris Martin from the band Cold Cuts."

"And as thousands of onlookers stare at this rolling tea set, we've come to a lull in the proceedings.  So please join me, Tish, in singing the theme to Sanford and Son."

"Everything about horses makes me nervous -- their round feet, their wet noses, their bigness!"


We All Have Something Wrong With Us

Last night, a local friend informed us that her old friend Dee from Virginia would coming to town next weekend.  We're acquainted with Dee.  She's a goofy-as-hell hot mess, but also funny and pleasant company. 

Apparently worried that we might misbehave and say something rude, our local friend reminded/warned us of Dee's political persuasion -- "She's a Republican, you know."

Thanks.  We know.  I gave my best "Meh" expression, but what I really wanted to say was, "Hey, we all have something wrong with us.  For instance, I have cancer, she's a Republican."   

Not sure which is worse!

The Lovely Mrs.Gammons Is Pissed!

Yesterday brought yet another school shooting, this one in Santa Fe, Texas, just south of Houston.  It's truly un-friggin'-believable that this happens over and over.  It leaves many of us in a state of gob-smacked incredulity and numbness.

It put the lovely Mrs.Gammons into a state of outraged pissed-offness.  She sent me the following and asked that it be shared on Buster's.  Her wish is my command.  Her words:

In 1999 when the Columbine shooting occurred, our only child, John, was 6.  I remember saying to my husband that maybe we should teach John how to “hit the deck” in order to protect himself in case such an unthinkable thing should ever occur in his world.

We recognized the horror of that event, but shrugged it off as being rare and isolated.

Today, 2018, the frequency of gun violence not only in our schools but throughout our society, shows how low we've sunk -- as a people, we exhibit a total lack of decency and respect for our fellow human beings.  Especially those who carry and use guns so shamefully.

Today I feel so sad and hopeless.   Our spineless jerk off lawmakers do nothing about gun control.  What good are they?  

Some people make me feel sad, hopeless and angry too.  You say it’s your “right” to own a firearm? Guess what? My right and the rights millions of Americans to live our lives without fear of getting shot outweighs your limited right to own a gun.

“But it’s so fun to go out and shoot my assault weapon”.  Get another hobby.   It's also fun to play putt-putt and get ice cream.  Try that for awhile.
Gimme a break on the whole Second Amendment thing.  It's a single sentence, added in 1789 just after the Revolutionary War, and it deals with the need for a "militia" to guard against additional aggression from Great Britain.  (Back then, the brand-new USA did not have 50 states, let alone any sort of organized Armed Forces like we have today with a gazillion dollars behind them.  We had "militias" -- volunteer farmers with muskets.  Again, it was 1789.  Do you know what year it is now? (Do the math, you gun toting geniuses.)  

No one in 1789 could have foreseen today's lethal weapons, and if they could have, they wouldn't have thought everyone had a right to a machine gun. There is no reason why a well-to-do man in a safe community needs to have a firearm at all, let alone an assault weapon. Does it make you feel like you have a bigger dick or what?

You probably see in me as a snowflake, leftist, tree hugger, socialist, communist, bleeding heart liberal, etc., or even worse, a dreaded Democrat,.  It might be true, and I really don’t care what you think.  What I can see in those of you who support the NRA is a nonsensical belief in unfounded, trumped-up  fear, and a lot of lingering racism.  The NRA and its supporters are the biggest part of the gun problem in our country. 

Me, I just think it’s important to make it less easy to kill one another, and I’m not even a Christian.  So many guns makes it much easier than it ought to be.  That's why the "mental health" excuse is such bullshit.  We've always had a proportion of crazy people.  What we haven't had is so goddam many guns.

The solution will certainly not be from folks who think like I do. (We don’t own guns, remember?)  It will have to come from all you great gun-owning Americans who want to make America great again.

I think part of making America great again is finding a way to stop our children from getting slaughtered while they're in school. They're there to learn something, not to get gunned down.

I know most of you gun lovers think it’s just an unpreventable tragedy, these innocent kids getting killed.  Well, it’s not just isolated Columbine anymore, it's no longer a rarity.  How would the tragedy play out in your life if one of your innocent kids or grandkids became a shooter’s target?  Would it still be "just one of those things"?  Would you still defend the shooter’s right to bear arms?  Sadly, I’m guessing a lot of you would.  Pathetic.

This is America, with all it’s faults and warts and ugliness. And too many of you uninformed, willfully ignorant people still think guns are the answer?  Guess you all don’t think enough of our children, and the future, to have the balls to try to protect them.  Pathetic again.

P.S.  If I've changed any opinions, please turn your firearms over to your local police department.

P.S.S.  I know I've pissed off a lot of folks. I will not engage in any kind of debate. "Fuck off" is my rebuttal in advance.

And further Mrs. Gammons sayeth not.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Oh, Now I Get It!

Turns out that the 239-pound Rump's bizarre tweet about dropping sanctions and helping Chinese phone maker ZTE "get back into business, fast" was not really a bargaining chip in the upcoming meeting with North Korea after all.  Seems that China gave $500 million in loans to the Trump Organization for a Trump-branded golf course and hotel in Indonesia. 

Now I get it.  It's payola.  You pay me half a billion dollars and I'll help your shitty security-risk phone company do business with America again.

If you can explain to me how this does not clearly violate the emoluments clause, please do.  But you can't.  Because it does.  It's graft and corruption, plain and simple.  

The Swamp Administration is filthy beyond compare.  Half a billion bucks to the business he refused to divest himself from.  Deplorable!  Embarrassing!  It's why His Sliminess should never, ever have made it to the White House, and why we must make it sure nothing like him ever gets there again.

If you're one of those glib morons who is not bothered by Dolt 45 and still thinks it's a great idea to elect slick outsider businesspeople to high political office, I hope your next colonoscopy is performed by an apprentice plumber! 


Captain Blunderpants Channels Captain Queeg

The strawberries!  That's where he had them!

By Mark Sumner, for the Daily Kos

While the thought that Donald Trump has definitely lost his strawberries is common enough, a tweet Trump produced on Monday evening was enough to keep any number of review boards pondering for months.

The so-called leaks coming out of the White House are a massive over exaggeration put out by the Fake News Media in order to make us look as bad as possible. With that being said, leakers are traitors and cowards, and we will find out who they are!

The leaks aren’t real. They’re an exaggeration from the Fake News. Massive.
Ah, but the leakers, that's, that's where Trump has them. They may be laughing at him now, but he’ll prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, with geometric logic, that the . . . completely exaggerated, fake news leaks . . . came from traitors. Traitor and cowards. And he will find them. Yes, he will.

(In The Caine Mutiny, Captain Queeg, played by Humphrey Bogart, is relieved of his command by his ship's officers, who are convinced he is mentally unfit for command.)

Monday, May 14, 2018

Sweet Extinction

Like doomed dinosaurs watching the approaching asteroid, the hidebound GOP can do nothing more than turn to old recycled right-ards like John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and Oliver North.  Good luck with those fossils.

The end cannot come soon enough for the Republicans. 

Great Middle East Peace Plan, Jared

Jared's much-ballyhooed Middle East peace plan?

"Praise Jesus!
Oh, am I in Israel?  Oops."
"I'm a big boy now.
And Mueller's on the other side of
the world."
Make Daddy Kushner, daddy-in-law Drumpf, Sheldon Adelson, Bibi the Belligerent, and every far-right crankshaft happy.  Do whatever they say.  Support moving the American embassy in Israel to the disputed territory of Jerusalem, a FU flip-off to long-suffering, ripped off Palestinians.  Travel to Jerusalem for today's opening of the Jerusalem embassy.  Allow Robert Jeffress, an idiotic American evangelical bigot preacher who insists that Jews and all non-Christians are going straight to hell, to give the opening prayer.  Take part in hours of self-congratulatory, chest-thumping speechification.  Make sure every speaker refers to Jerusalem as the "capital" of Israel.  Make no mention of a two-state solution to this perpetual deadlock.

And definitely pay no attention to the mass protests against the Jerusalem move in the Gaza Strip, where 2 million Palestinians are blockaded in a decades-old de facto refugee camp.  Ignore their pathetic circumstances, their slingshots and stone-throwing.  Look the other way as Israeli troops gun them down today, killing 50 or more and wounding almost 2000.  Just express your "hope for peace" and blame the Palestinians for everything.

As your daddy-in-law tweeted, "Big day for Israel."  Lousy day for Middle East peace.
Palestinian "terrorist" threatening th lives of Israeli soldiers


China Losing Jobs? The Don Cares.

Don Frito Corleone has frequently flamed at China (JINA!) for its trade and monetary practices, saying, among other bon mots, that China has "raped our country.  It's the greatest theft in the history of the world!" and "China is an economic enemy.  They've taken our jobs."  So the Gaud-father had his Commerce Dept. punish ZTE, a Chinese phone maker and suspected cyber-security threat with a big fine and a ban on buying U.S. parts for their phones.  The move drove ZTE into financial distress.

So it blew everyone's mind when Adolf Twittler tweeted this on Sunday:

Huh?  WTF?  What happened to China (JINA!), the job-stealing, America-raping enemy?  We're now going to help a security-risk Chinese company "get back into business, fast"???

Well, yeah we are, because the Don hopes that doing a solid for China will make them be on our side when he has his nuclear chat with Lil Kim.  And he'd really like to look good after that meeting.  Any other repercussions, he simply doesn't give a shit about.

He's just winging it, blowing it out his ass.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Barrel Has No Bottom

And Kelly Sadler, the vile White House aide who said this, has not apologized, still has her job, and Donnie Disgusto has remained conspicuously silent on the matter.  Fresh horrors have been arriving daily for the past 16 months, and they will not stop until we make tRump go away, one way or another.

Our National Image Abroad

Remember when America was a well-respected global leader?  You know, any time before January 20, 2017.

Things have changed.

OSU Study: Fake News Swayed Enough Obama Voters to Elect Trump

You may have seen this.  I hope so.

An Ohio State Universtity research study focusing on 2012 Obama voters who voted for Trump in 2016 is an eye-opener.  Begin with the fact that about 77% of Obama voters also voted for Hillary Clinton, but 23% did not.  If just a few more of those folks had stuck with her, Hillary would be president.  Why did they switch sides?

I think it first must be said that any Obama voter who switched to Trump is by definition uninformed, indecisive and unprincipled -- a classic "independent" flip-flopper.  But the researchers made no such assumption of stupidity.

Instead, the study asked the 1600 party-switching respondents for their take on hundreds of questions, including three blatantly, outrageously false statements widely circulated on social media and on some disreputable media outlets.

Researchers found that the more likely these voters were to believe obvious "fake news" bullshit, the less likely they were to vote for Clinton.

The three false, fake news statements:
1.  "Hillary Clinton is in very poor health due to a serious illness."
2.  "Pope Francis endorsed Donald Trump for president prior to the election."
3.  "As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton approved weapons sales to Islamic jihadists, including ISIS."

Number of            Percent who
false statements    who voted for
believed                 Clinton 
     0                           89%
     1                           61%
    2-3                         17%

The OSU study concludes:  "These data strongly suggest that exposure to fake news did have a significant impact on voting decisions."

Myself, I blame stupid people.         

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Iran and North Korea

Largemouth ass Donnie Drumpfkopf has violated the Iran nuclear deal, blowing it up for no good reason.  His motives were vain and shallow -- blind love for Bibi and Bolton, blind hatred for Obama, and the need for Sheldon Adelson's money.  The move has made the world demonstrably less safe.  Obama and John Kerry gave the world 10 to 15 years of inspections and compliance verification -- better than anything ever accomplished since the Ayatollahs took over.  Trump exchanged that for zero years and zero compliance.  It's reckless and stupid.  Already, Iran and Israel are firing missiles at each other.  Where's that Middle East peace that Jared was going to deliver?

But even while our Idiot Amin can't abide an actual working nuclear deal with Iran, and calls Iran every name in the book, and refuses to even talk with Iran (Muslims, you know),  he's now praising the dictator Kim Jong Un as "very honorable" and will meet with him in North Korea for a little nuclear chat.  And he thinks he's going to get a better deal out of Lil Kim than the "worst-deal-ever" Iranian agreement he just killed?  No way.

And he believes he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize?  Blow it out your ass, Spanky!  No fucking way!

Gotta Pay The Mob To Play With The Mob

It's come to light that Michael Cohen's Essential Consultants LLC has received millions of dollars from American, Swiss and Korean businesses, including a New York City "investment" firm with very close ties to a Russian billionaire oligarch.  Cohen's shell company, formed just before the 2016 election, has no office, no website, no employees and no history.  It's just Michael Cohen, period.

Swiss pharma giant Novartis paid Cohen $1.2 million.  AT&T paid him $600,000, Korean Aerospace paid him $150,000, and the Russian-connected Columbus Nova paid him $500,000.

So why would these companies cough up millions for the consulting "expertise" of a second-rate fixer who deals in real estate, personal injury and the NYC taxicab business?

It's pay-to-play, baby!  It's a slush fund for Trump.  It's "access" to Trump.  It's all in the worst traditions of the Manhattan Mob, circa 1985.  That's Trump and Cohen, bottom line -- they're mobsters.  They're both filthy as hell, as is everything and everybody in the fascist fake president's universe -- a regular Van Allen Garbage Belt orbiting a stinking, orange-haired Planet of Shit.