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Monday, October 17, 2016

And Now For The Local Yokels

It's finally time for some of our local candidates to run their little ads.  Two of my "favorites" from today:

U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers (R) was once my Congressman until both he and my current Rep. Pat Tiberi were gerrymandered into the GOP's perpetual protection program.  Both are as useless as a rudder on a duck's ass, but it was Stiver's ad that got my attention.

Stevie wants us to know that "when government gets too big, entrepreneurs suffer."  This is standard conservative dogma, repeated ad nauseum for 40 years without a shred of evidence.  Clearly, Stivers holds the Norquistian view that any government is always too big.  Please explain, Stevie, exactly how small government must be.  Then explain how entrepreneurs have been suffering under the boot heel of huge government.  Stivers' ad is without merit.  Naturally, it ends with images of the archetypal symbol of entrepreneurship, kids with a lemonade stand.

Then we have thing-that-wouldn't-leave Jim Hughes (R), former State Rep, former State Senator, now running to become State Rep once again.  To my knowledge, the major legislative accomplishment of his career has been his anti-piss-drinking bill.  (Seriously.  Check the link.)  http://bustergammons.blogspot.com/2010/02/piss-drinker-2009.html

Jim's current campaign ad touts his credentials as "a husband and father."  Not exactly unique, Jimbo, but good job on the vows and the sperm donation!

Neither of these hacks will break a sweat getting elected.  Pity.

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