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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Convenient Deathbed Conversions

Trump's campaign is dying and some familiar weasels have seen the light, at the last minute of course.  How convenient!

My thin hometown rag, the Columbus Dispatch, has endorsed Hillary Clinton.  The Dispatch had not endorsed a Democrat for president since Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

My Congressman, the oily Republican Pat Tiberi, has unendorsed Trump.  Tiberi is a former Boehner loyalist and a career political hack who operates solely in his own self interests -- in this case, self-preservation.

My Republican Senator Robbie Portman has also unendorsed Trump.  Robbie is a total tool.  He was staunchly anti-LGBT and a defender of DOMA, until his own son came out as gay.  Only then did he have his change-of-heart epiphany.  He refused stand up to the NRA, even in the aftermath of an elementary school full of slaughtered children.  Because none of the dead children were his.

Robbie has always been like Lisa Lubner's dad in the old SNL skit:  "Poor Mr. Lubner.  He was born without a spine."  

The Dispatch, Tiberi and Portman are as Republican as they come.  Their unlikely abandonment of Trump is proof of what a wretched candidate he truly is. 

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