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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Don The Builder

Using a $170 million loan from Deutsche Bank plus pie-in-the-sky income projections, in 2013 Donald Trump won a 60 year lease on the old post office/federal building on Pennsylvania Avenue, with government approval to turn it into a high-end "luxury" hotel.

Yesterday, at his hotel's grand opening, ribbon-cutting infomercial, Donald said his five-word theme of the day was "under budget and ahead of schedule."  (Six words, but that's Trump math.)

Under budget?  So says Honest Don, but he hasn't released any expense data, so who knows?

Ahead of schedule?  Trump initially promised the hotel would open at the end of 2015, then mid-2016, then September, and then finally October 26th.

Trump touted this project as an example of his unbelievable executive abilities and how he'd do things as president, saying the hotel was "a metaphor for what we can accomplish for the country, the same kind of thing."

Then he went down to Charlotte to proclaim his "New Deal for Black America."  Was he channeling FDR?  Uh, not so much.

In Donald's New Deal dream, he'd declare disaster areas in the "war zones" and "blighted neighborhoods" where people are "living in hell," raze everything, then rebuild all our inner cities with high-end luxury hotels -- gold leaf, crystal chandeliers, fresh linens every day, and a free continental breakfast for everyone!  The same kind of thing.  Make America great again.  LOL!

Don the Builder.  Builder of BS.

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