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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Comment And Response To "WTF, Comey?"

Not all October "surprises" are equal, and even then they don't usually matter much.

  1. Such selective memory you dems have!
    1. On 10/30/92, a perjury indictment of former Defense Secretary Cap Weinberger revealed that Weinberger's 1986 notes proved that then-VP George H.W. Bush in fact knew about the illegal Iran arms-for-hostages deal after claiming he didn't. Weinberger's notes were direct evidence which came out during an on-going federal grand jury investigation of the Iran-Contra affair. The purpose and relevance of the disclosure to the open investigation was clear. Any harm to Bush 41's presidential reelection effort was beside the point -- just collateral damage of his own making.

      Comey's little note, on the other hand, is an ambiguous and vague whatever released in some relation (or not) to a closed, no-indictment investigation. Purpose? Relevance? Unlikely and unsaid.

      That said, the Weinberger disclosure four days before the vote did not cost Bush the '92 election. Bill Clinton had 5 million more popular votes and killed it in the electoral vote. Bush was doomed no matter what.

      Much the same for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Comey's shenanigans won't matter much. October "surprises" usually don't. 
    2. On his way out the door, Bush pardoned Weinberger.  Of course.
    3. BTW, your link is to the World Tribune -- a grandiose name for a less-than-credible website typically cited by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, and Bill O'Reilly. Ick!
    4. Please consider the source.

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