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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Party Girl

The lovely Mrs. Gammons and I are acquainted (not closely) with one of our state legislators.  She's a Republican representing an area northwest of Columbus.  She and her husband are fine people, good company in social settings.  Legislatively, she's not a rabid right-winger -- she focuses on small, local issues with guaranteed bipartisan support, which is fine.  Still, it's obvious she has drunk deeply from the Kool-Aid bucket of conservative orthodoxy.

She's a birther, once telling us how embarrassed we'd all be when it would inevitably be proved that President Obama was not a "real" American.  And on her Facebook page (Mrs. Gammons is her FB buddy, not I), she poses proudly with a pink rifle, given to her by the NRA for her unwavering support.

Recently, she posted this on her Facebook page:

"For the record:
I am a Republican.  I vote Republican."

I guess that's her way of telling us that she's a Party Girl, always loyal to her party no matter what.

The question is, especially these days:  What the hell does that mean?

  • Does her loyalty mean she supports all her party's candidates, including the deplorable Donald Trump?  Does it mean she is voting for Trump?
  • Or does it mean she defines herself as a "real" Republican, an old-school never-Trump Republican?

Her inscrutable post leaves it to her followers to figure it out for themselves.  I suspect it's probably the latter, but she's just not willing to say so.  Who knows?  She's safe enough in her district regardless, but her party may not be.

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