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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump Campaign Crazy Train

"I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train!" -- Ozzy Osborne

Trump says he'll sue the shit out of anybody who suggests he's a sexual predator, but believes it's perfectly OK for him to accuse Bill Clinton of being a rapist.  (That's slander, and Bill's not running for president.)

Trump was caught on tape bragging about how he forces himself on women, but all the women now stepping forward with confirmations of his his sexual assaults, well, of course they're all lying.  Every last one of 'em.  Gonna sue them too.

The Trump campaign's last-gasp big idea, their unshackled genius move, is to relentlessly attack Hillary's husband (who is not running for president).  For example, tonight three of Bubba's '80s-'90s bimbos will be joined by Sean Hannity on a Fox News propaganda special.  Trump campaign manager and Breitbart asswipe Steve Bannon says, "We going to turn Bill Clinton into Bill Cosby!" 

Good luck with that.  Bill Clinton is not running for president, and neither is Bill Cosby.  But go ahead and amuse yourself.

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