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Friday, October 7, 2016

Donald Is Having Himself A Yuuge WTF Day

Donald Trump is really blowin' it out his ass today.  Spectacular!

The Daily WTF List:

He accused the federal government of allowing illegal immigrants to "pour into the country so they can go out and vote."  Nice conspiracy theory.  Even if it were true that undocumented immigrants were "pouring in," they're not allowed to vote.  So WTF, Donald?

He said he would eliminate 70% of all federal regulations.  "We are cutting regulation at a tremendous clip.  I would say 70 percent of regulations can go.  It's just stopping businesses from growing."  Which regulations, Don?  "The regulations."  Any proof that the regulations are stifling growth?  "They just are."  Oh Donald, WTF?

He's holding fast to his incorrect and very public 1989 snap judgement on an infamous New York City crime, the so-called Central Park 5 rape case.  After coerced confessions, five young black and Latino men were wrongly convicted and jailed for years.  They were later exonerated and released after another person confessed and proved to be a DNA match.  In 2014, New York City paid the five $41 million in a wrongful imprisonment settlement.  But the Great Trumpkin is unswayed, telling CNN the other day, "They admitted they were guilty.  The police say they were guilty.  Settling the case with so much evidence against them is outrageous!"  There was no evidence against them, Donald.  That's a big ol' racist WTF!


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