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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Small Sample Size, But Satisfying

Yesterday afternoon, I was on a mission to obtain a Hillary Clinton yard sign.  I figured the most logical place to get one would be the Ohio Democratic Party offices in downtown Columbus.  But I was hungry, so my first stop was a fast-food place close to my home on the red-leaning northwest side.

As I sat down with my lunch tray, I noticed the restaurant's TV was showing Fox News and Donald Trump was on screen, yammering away at some campaign stop.  Mercifully, the volume was muted, but staring up at the TV were two "old guys" (I use the term advisedly!) and one of them was wearing a cheap, white trucker cap.  When he turned my way, I was sure I'd see "Make America Great Again" emblazoned on the front, but no, it was just an innocuous "Champion" brand sportswear hat.  Then I overheard him say, "I think Trump's actually insane."  His buddy replied, "Oh yeah, he's got real mental problems."

Done eating, I headed downtown to the state Democratic office.  To my surprise, they were completely out of Hillary yard signs.  All gone!  A nice young man working there told they'd get more, but he wasn't sure when, so he suggested I go to a Hillary campaign office on Parsons Avenue.  Although I didn't get what I came for, I was gratified by the fact that the state HQ was totally out of Hillary signs.  I left with a Ted Strickland sign. (Plenty of those available.  Damn!)

Moving on down the road to the south side, I found the Hillary office on Parsons and snagged a couple of signs.  Yay!  The good folks at that office lectured me a bit about the importance of getting out the vote.  (They were preaching to the choir.)  I walked outside to my car with my Clinton-Kaine signs in hand, and within ten seconds two different black guys driving by honked at me, waved and yelled pro-Hillary sentiments.

Let's recap:

  • Two "old" white guys on the conservative northwest side understand that Trump is bat-shit crazy.
  • The state Democratic headquarters is out of stock on Hillary signs.
  • Two random black motorists shout encouragement at random-old-white-guy me as I tote my Hillary signs to my car.  
Admittedly a small sample size, but I drove home happy.


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