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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Polishing A Turd

After last night's VP debate, many of the pundit class are giving Mike Pence kudos for remaining "composed and polished."  I suppose he was composed, in comparison to the deranged mental patient who is his running mate.  And if your idea of being polished is the ability to tell bald-faced lies with a straight face ("Donald Trump never said that."  Yes, he did.) and a nice haircut while being unable or unwilling to defend the many lunatic statements of your crazy boss, well then I guess you could say Pence was polished.
Just don't forget the thing that was being polished.

Tim Kaine and Pence both performed as expected.  Kaine did well in supporting his running mate's policies and in highlighting the important differences between Clinton and Trump.  But the whole thing was an exercise in "meh."  Didn't hurt, didn't help.  Nothing will change.  The Veeps are a sideshow.

A couple good jabs from the Twitterverse:

If I wanted to watch two white dudes bicker near a woman named Elaine, I would definitely just watch Seinfeld.
This debate is subtitled: Lying liar and the frustrated guy trying to interrupt him.

A neighborhood friend is dealing with her husband's Alzheimer's disease, but he still watched the debates, as she live-Facebooked some his pithier comments about Pence.  I loved these two:

Schmarmy son of a bitch!
Sententious prig! 

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