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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another Small Sample, Same Result

Signs o' the times.

I've lived in my Columbus subdivision for almost 30 years, through many a political season.  Although the city as a whole is reliably blue, I'm sure a majority of our 307 property owners would self-identify as conservative.

Although most residents do not display candidate or issue yard signs during an election cycle, some do.  And over the years I've noticed that, in this neighborhood, Republican signs tend to outnumber Democratic signs.  (Based solely on yard signs in our 'hood, you would have predicted a Mitt Romney victory in 2012.)

It's different this year.  A lot different.  As of today, seventeen of our homes are representing with yard signs for Clinton-Kaine, just two for Trump-Pence.  Interestingly, a week ago we had five Trump signs.  Three owners have grown disgusted/embarrassed enough to pull their signs.  Will they still vote for the unqualified douchebag?  Does it even matter?

Sign-counting is not a scientific method, and my neighborhood is not an accurate barometer for political predictions, but using the small sample size of yard signs, we have it Clinton 17-Trump 2 (or 17- 5).  Either way, a clear and satisfying statement from our sign-posting residents.

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