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Thursday, December 28, 2017

I Guess I'm What's Wrong With America

Two days ago, an old friend from South Carolina shared a post on her Facebook page.  It was written by a Tennessee god-squader, and was one of those personal statements of quasi-faith/conviction so prevalent on FB.  The post dates to January 7, 2017, the day before the inauguration of Orange O'Haira.  I don't know if my friend is acquainted with the author, or why she chose to re-post it now.  I didn't comment on FB, but I will here.

Quoting the essential portions of the post:

"Some of the most incredible people I know voted for Donald Trump."
"The people I know that voted for him are not racist, misogynistic, or hateful."
"If you start seeing people as who they voted for and not as the person you've always known them to be, then you are what's wrong with America."
"I will never think any less of a person who has different beliefs than me."
"Don't lose quality people in your life because you choose hate over love."

In other words, I'm not a racist, let's get along, and please don't unfriend me because I voted for Trump.

Well, I haven't unfriended her, but her support of Trump is "incredible" to me and does in fact make me see her in a different light.  I feel the same about all unapologetic Trump voters I know.

I'll grant that some Trump voters may not be racist, misogynistic or hateful, but Trump himself clearly is, as are a large majority of his "base" (the same fine folks who proudly hated Obama's guts for 8 years, but they weren't racists either).

Calling a vote for Trump a matter of "different beliefs" is disingenuous and a gross understatement.  She voted for the most unqualified, disgraceful, divisive person to occupy the White House in modern times -- a deplorable and historic mistake.  She can't diminish her action by brushing it off as just another routine choice, a simple personal preference, like an ice cream flavor or a sports team.  It was much more than that.

Things will be different now, but I certainly don't hate her.  When we meet, we'll be cordial and pleasant as always.  We'll get along.  I'll just respect her less than before.

Trump's policies are literally putting my life at risk, so I can't help seeing Trump voters as who they voted for, and I will remember.  I guess that's why I'm what's wrong with America.  Sorry.

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