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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Future Of American Healthcare?

It might look like this, if Republicans continue come up with more bright ideas to protect insurance companies, wealthy individuals and large corporations at the expense of the poor, the sick and the old.

This is how most drugs are sold in Haiti, by unlicensed street vendors.  They might have what you need, and they might cut you a deal.  Or not.

So many factors enter in to our inefficent and ridiculously expensive health care system.  Drug costs are a major part of it.  We need to (1.) Overhaul the patent law monopoly, and (2.) Allow Medicare to negotiate prices on prescription drugs.  (3.) Legalize purchasing prescription drugs from other countries.  

Those are the biggies.  If we can't summon the will and get our act together, I may soon find myself in Canada or Mexico, or even in Haiti, looking for a better deal on my prescriptions.

My prescription for Gilotrif, my once-a-day cancer-fighting targeted therapy medication, retails for $8,000 a month.  (Thanks to insurance and the OSU James Cancer Hospital, I don't pay that, but holy shit!)

For an excellent report on this issue, click the link.  aarp.org/lowerdrugcosts

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