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Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Note Of Sanity In A Chorus Of Crazy

The GOP has gone bat-shit crazy.  They're completely detached from reality, adrift in their bubble of alternate facts.

While the imbecilic Speaker Paul Ryan asserts that the Trump Wealth Care plan should give "peace of mind" to those with pre-existing conditions, and the idiotic Tea Bag Rep. Raul Labrador claims "nobody dies because they don't have access to health care," and the moronic HHS Secretary Tom Price insists that the plan's $800 billion cut in Medicaid funding is somehow not a cut and will actually make Medicaid "work better," who should pop up as a voice of reason?

None other than my own Republican Wonder Guv, John Kasich.  I'm normally not a fan of Jawhnny Boy, but he can occasionally demonstrate moments of clear thinking, as he did this morning on CNN.

Kasich laughed at and dismissed the concept of high-risk pre-ex pools as "ridiculous.  The high-risk pool is not funded.  So I would just stay in the traditional program on the exchange."

Thanks, Guv!  That's encouraging.  I'm hopeful Ohio will do just that.

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