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Sunday, May 21, 2017

No Coincidence Here! Nope, None At All

  • While in Saudi Arabia, President Yam Face agreed to a $110 billion arms sale to his hosts.  The Saudis are buying a bunch of new planes, ships, tanks and a missile defense system from us.  Because sometimes, lopping off heads and hands and stoning women to death is just not enough.
  • Simultaneously, the Saudis and the U.A.E. agreed to donate $100 million to Ivanka's "charitable" foundation for women in business.  So many of those in Saudi Arabia!

These two things happened on the same weekend!  With Ivanka accompanying Daddy Dearest to the Middle East in her official capacity as "Assistant to the President."  No coincidence here!  Shit just happens.

Remember when the Disagreeable Don called the Clinton Foundation a "criminal enterprise" and bitched about how those cruel Saudis donated $25 million to her awful foundation?  But now the Saudi donation of $100 million to Ivanka is just fine.

How many times will this sleazy, corrupt family violate the Foreign Emoluments Clause before we toss them out of the White House?  

Here's a nice snarky tweet from a WaPo reporter:
Drew HarwellVerified account @drewharwell  4 hours ago
Ivanka gives Saudi speech on female empowerment. Female reporters were kicked out, but were told later it was great!

And one from the Terrible Tweeter himself from 2015:


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