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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"He Wasn't Doing A Good Job. He Wasn't Doing A Good Job."

Dolt 45 said that's why he had to fire FBI Director Comey.  And with his typical kindergarten eloquence, he said it twice, for emphasis.  Ooh!

Nobody's buying it.  It's true that Comey was an equal opportunity pisser (he angered both Democrats and Republicans), but his dismissal is all about Russia.  It's no coincidence that anyone who gets too far into the sticky Russian web -- either by cozying up to the Russkis, or by investigating Trump's shady connections to them -- winds up in Donnie's doghouse.

Mike Flynn and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the racist Keebler goblin, were dishonest about their meetings with Russian officials.  Flynn was fired, and Sessions was forced to recuse himself from all Russia investigations.  (Somehow, his recusal did not prevent him from recommending Comey's firing.)  Sally Yates was part of the DOJ probe into Russian collusion and blew the whistle on Flynn.  Jim Comey, of course, was overseeing the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign's Russian connection, and recently asked for additional funding for his investigation.  Uh-oh.  "You're fired!  And you're fired!"

"Pray for me, Henry."
There's a pattern here, and hell yes, it's Nixonian.  How bizarre that after firing the man leading an investigation into his activities (just like Nixon did), today at the White House Trump met with none other than Henry Kissinger (just as Nixon so often did as his presidency fell apart:  "I want you to get down on your knees and pray for me, Henry.  I'm up shit creek without a paddle.")  I wonder if Trump begged for Henry's prayers, too.  He's gonna need 'em.

If there's any reason and justice left in this country, this should mark the beginning of the end for Tiny Twitterfingers.  We need a truly independent investigation into this whole stinking mess.  Write your Republican Senator now and demand one.  And you might also suggest that your Senator prepare for impeachment proceedings.  "Donald, you're fired!"

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