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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lawful, But Awful

So it turns out that after firing James Comey for his ongoing investigation into the Russian connection, Comrade Trumpski immediately met with Russian diplomats and blabbed highly classified intelligence information to them.  You can't make this stuff up.

Putin is happy, but the rest of the world is aghast.  Trump's ego-driven, bragadocious, big, fat, repulsive mouth has endangered both our allies and our own intelligence agents.  Naturally, Donnie Distemper threw a twitter tantrum, basically saying, "So f'ing what?  I was within my rights.  It was legal.  Kiss my orange ass!"
Like so many spoiled children and selfish, ignorant adults, Trump's feeble defense misses the larger point:  There is often a critical difference between being within one's rights and doing what is right.

Donald Trump is hopelessly inept and unfit for his office.  He's a clear and present danger to the nation and the world.  His "base" may disagree, but to hell with them -- they're idiots.  It's time for all right-thinking Republicans to come to the aid of their country and join the rest of us in resolving to boot this bozo ASAP. 

The latest funny "headline" from the New Yorker's Andy Borowitz:

"Three Russian Spies Meet in Oval Office!"

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