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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Notes At The Holocaust Memorial

Two presidents, two notes left at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Israel:
. vs. at Yad Vashem. Starkly different.

Obama's letter:
I am grateful to Yad Vashem and all of those responsible for this remarkable institution. At a time of great peril and promise, war and strife, we are blessed to have such a powerful reminder of man's potential for great evil, but also our capacity to rise up from tragedy and remake our world. Let our children come here, and know this history, so that they can add their voices to proclaim 'never again.' And may we remember those who perished, not only as victims, but also as individuals who hoped and loved and dreamed like us, and who have become symbols of the human spirit.

It’s a great honor to be here with all of my friends—so amazing + will NEVER FORGET!

Obama's note obviously took some thought, and it displayed the proper tone of respect and gravitas.

Trump scribbled a quick Twitter-style note, which is the sad limit of his vocabulary and attention span.  "All of my friends"?!  At the Holocaust museum?  WTF?  The man is an idiot.

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