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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I Am More Than "Mildly" Nauseous

Today, FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress once again.  He said that when he learned on October 27th -- 11 days before the November 8th election -- of thousands of emails to and from Hillary Clinton which had somehow found their way to Anthony Weiner's computer, he felt he had no choice but to announce his investigation publicly, even without knowing the content of those emails.  The content turned out to be nothing.

He also said that at the very same time, the FBI already had an abundance of real evidence showing Russia was hacking/meddling in the election for the benefit of Donald Trump.  The FBI had this knowledge as early as July, but Comey did not publicly confirm the FBI's investigation into it until March 2017, five months after the election.

Apparently, we had to know about Hillary's emails on Weiner's computer right the fuck now, mere days before a critical presidential election.  But confirming the Russia-WikiLeaks-Trump connection -- well, that could wait a few months.

Comey testified today that the thought that he may have affected the election outcome makes him "mildly nauseous."

The thought makes me mad as hell.

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