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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Body Language In The Post-Truth Presidency

Body language -- both his and that of the pitiable people around him -- is telling the story of Donald Trump's foreign adventure better than anything else.

When I say "pitiable," I'm thinking about the pope and the first lady, but especially Montenegro's PM Dusko Markovic, who had the misfortune to be standing between Trump and the front of the pack of world leaders, a lesser beauty in the bossy prom queen's path.

But not for long!  Trump batted him out of the way, perhaps mistaking him for a political reporter or picturing James Comey.  Then, triumphal, Trump straightened his suit jacket, stiffened his posture, and raised his fleshy chin.  He was ready for his close-up.

With Trump, his struts, scowls and pouts reveal every bit as much as what tumbles from his lips, which is a lot less trustworthy.  His words can be counterfeit.  His gestures are genuine, and in the post-truth presidency, worth a thousand words. 


Excerpt from Frank Bruni's op-ed, 5/28/17 in the NY Times

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