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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"The Best Words: Covfefe"

Weren't we warned about disruptive online activity from "a guy sitting on his bed who weighs 400 pounds"?

President Adolph Twitler was at it again last night, his dainty digits tweeting out this inscrutable gem:

Irresistable grist for the Twitter humor mill!  (From the Huffington Post)

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okay this is the best I've got 

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On a dark desert highway
Cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of covfefe
Rising up through the air
-- Patton Oswalt

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  1. It's the onset of senile dementia, exacerbated by the alphabet soup of undiagnosed personality disorders he has managed to conceal over the decades, albeit thinly. But it's not just the 'covfefe,' the product of a midnight geriatric brain-fart, it's the cover-up. In the cold night of the morning after, it's deleted, disavowed, used as a cryptic tease, and ultimately claimed as a code word for the inner circle of true loyalists. This is a close-up glimpse of a nation in torment.

  2. The POTUS is the best covfefetizers ever. Really terrific covfefitation!