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Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump Wants To "Work Together" With Russia. I'll Bet He Does.

The CIA, FBI and NSA have all officially concluded that the Russian government engaged in cyber-attacks intended to influence the recent American election and help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.  Such foreign interference is unprecedented in our history, and there's good reason to regard Trump's "victory" as tainted and illegitimate.

Naturally, the Bombastic Bozo tweeted a different take on it.  In his alt-reality view:  "There was no evidence that hacking affected the results."  (There's also no evidence that it didn't affect the results, and plenty of evidence that Russia sure as hell tried to affect it!)  "Voting machines not touched!" proves nothing.

The Nit-Twit went on to type that he wanted to "have a good relationship and work together" with Russia, and wants them to "respect us."

I'll bet he does.

In a perfect Star Trek Federation of Planets world, yes, we'd have a a good relationship with every nation, and we'd all work together, and everybody would respect each other.  But Russia makes that difficult.  Vladimir Putin is an autocratic strong-man, a thug and a killer -- essentially a classic mob boss.

So why is Trump so pro-Russia?  Why does he continually kiss Putin's butt and shower him with flattery?  Why does he repeat Russian talking points almost verbatim?  As son Donald Jr. once said, "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of our assets."  Translation:  Trump's businesses are in hock to Russian financiers.  Bigly.

Trump's a high-roller, and he's highly-leveraged.  "The Debt King!"  With his multiple bankruptcies, he's screwed over so many banks that major American lenders wouldn't touch him.  So, years ago, he turned to the Russians.  And now he owes his ass to them.

Who are these Russian financiers?  They're post-Soviet nouveau riche oil and gas oligarchs.  Putin was the one who allowed them to amass their fortunes.  The oligarchs are the ones who keep Putin in power.

So when Putin offers up some of his own pro-Trump flattery, it's not because he "respects" the Tribble-Topped Troll, he just finds him useful.

These unseemly Trump-Russia financial connections are many and numerous, they're dangerous conflicts of interest, and they explain Trump's unnatural affection for Bad Vlad.  It also explains why Orange Julius refuses to release his tax returns or place his business interests in a blind trust.  He probably can't.  Imagine what might happen if he did and some Russian knee-capper (with a Jersey accent) paid him a visit:

"Yo, Donald."
"Yo, Donald, what's shakin', Comrade?  Or, 'Mr. President', I should say.  Heh-heh!  Sorry to barge into dis here, whadya call, Oval Office, but when we phone you, you really should take our call.  What's on my mind, Donnie, is we got problems with da hotels in Toronto and Rio.  Yeah, but you ain't made your payments and da boys, dey want their money.  Yeah, and da interest just went up too.  No, we don't know nuthin' 'bout no attorney or no blind trustee or whatever.  We ain't talkin' wit' dem.  Our deal is wit' you, Donnie boy.  Now, dat tower place you got in Manhattan, and dat Lago-whatever club in Florida, dose are some nice places, Donnie.  And if dey was to have a fire or an explosion or somethin', dat would be a real shame, wouldn't it?  Not that I would know anything about it, ya know, I'm just sayin'.  But a fire or an explosion, dat could be an unhealthy situation.  OK, you have a good day now 'Mr. President', and remember, if you don't call us, we'll call you.  Heh-heh!  Do svidaniya, Donnie."

A "businessman" in the White House.  What a wonderful idea.

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