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Monday, January 16, 2017

Busy Sunday, Part 2

Then later that afternoon, it was time to attend an "Our First Stand" rally at the union hall on Kinnear Rd.  This event was one of dozens around the country on Sunday, put together by progressive democrats to fight repeal of Obamacare and any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.

The biggest one, in Michigan, drew 10,000 people.  Bernie Sanders spoke.  Here in Columbus, our group was maybe 800-900 folks.  I've been to that meeting hall before, and this was the biggest gathering I've seen there -- we caused parking problems and filled the place to overflowing.  It was SRO, and we stood to listen to a variety of speakers.  No big names.  The best may have been a spoken-word performer from Cleveland.  She delivered her feisty poetry in the form of a letter written to "President-Elect [NAME REDACTED]."

Lots of good points and good ideas expressed.  And I made it home in time to watch some football.

A good day!  Glad I made the effort.

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