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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Bob and Sally Meme: Now More Than Ever, Consider The Source

I have a friend who loudly proclaims his open-mindedness and independence, then regularly shares conservative hogwash on Facebook, coming from sources he never bothers to check.  Here's his latest:

It's all over the internet on a variety of right-wing outposts.  In his case, he re-posted it from a red-blooded, right-tarded, Obama-hatin' FB page known as "The Silent Majority."  Search for it at your peril.  It has some pretty unenlightened shit on it.

While I agree that political opponents can remain on friendly terms (we all do it all the time, every day), I reject the underlying message of this seemingly harmless meme, which is that Captain Stubby Thumbs is just another president, it's no big deal, get over it, move on, etc.

I believe that the choice to vote for Trump was not just another vote -- it was a terrible choice, an historic mistake, and a bit more consequential than choosing an ice cream flavor or a pair of socks.  If you voted for him, please understand that you are in the minority, and that I think you were extremely unwise.  We can still be friends, but I won't pretend your vote doesn't bug me, and I won't forget.

And one more time flogging this dead horse:  When it comes to "social" media, consider the source!  You post it, you share it, you like it, you own it.  If you post right-wing stuff, you must want people to think you're a right-winger.

Now here's my suggestion for an improvement on the Bob & Sally stick figure meme:

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