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Buster Gammons

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Paul Ryan's Obamacare Alternatives

(From my son's FB page.  Thanks, Buster Jr.!  LOL!  He shared it from the satirical FB page "Christians For Michelle Bachmann".)

From the comments section, here are some other Paul Ryan-approved options for you when you lose your health care:

  • Pray for divine intervention.
  • Make extra money with bake sales, lemonade stands or exotic dancing.
  • Try Trumpcare:  marry a rich old asshole who pays for everything.
  • Watch televangelists and do everything they say.
  • Spray Windex on it.
  • Get Trump to negotiate lower medical bills for you.
  • Sell an organ; sell two organs; sell all your organs.

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  1. Love it.. Here is one for you:: http://realqualitytime.tumblr.com/post/155888497574/donald-closes-down-the-competition