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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The First Days Of The DT's

Delirium tremens, a.k.a. the DT's -- a rapid onset of confusion marked by shaking, sweating and seizures.  Typically caused by exposure to Donald Trump, it can also be caused by alcoholism.

Great Mussolini impression
Back on the 20th, Donnie Darko spit up his dystopian inaugural address -- no uplift, just bleakness, anger and selfishness:  "American carnage," "rust," "disrepair," "only America first."  (Sounds like a child with a toy:  Me first!  Me first!)

Thoroughly disgusting.  So the next day the lovely Mrs. Gammons and I got the hell out of Dodge and went to Punta Cana for week.  But news of America's DT's went viral and followed us to the Caribbean.  No escape!

First, there was more of his well-known insecurity over size.  Crowds for both Obama's inaugural and for the Women's March were far larger than for Trump, which sent him into a tizzy of denial.  Clearly, Mr. Dainty Digits has dick issues.

Then came a swift series of destructive "executive actions."  A partial list:
  • A gag order on the EPA
  • Cutting off federal funding for "sanctuary cities"
  • Beginning the process of dismantling the Affordable Care Act
  • Withdrawing from the TransPacific Partnership (which is not even in effect yet)
  • A really silly, stupid and arbitrary rule to eliminate two existing federal regulations (Pick 2, any 2!) as the price for instituting one new regulation
  • Proceeding with "The Wall" as well as the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines
  • Establishing a "safe zone" (oxymoron) in Syria.  (Goody.  More war, anyone?)
  • The bigoted "travel ban" which bars admission to the U.S. for citizens of 7 Middle Eastern countries.  This idiot move drew immediate, well-deserved protests, lawsuits, and global condemnation.  Trumpolini and his minions swear it's not a Muslim ban (in effect, yes it is) and insist it'll keep us safer (it'll do the opposite)

He never smiles
All these actions/orders/memos are god-awful.  None is actual law, but each had its own vainglorious signing ceremony with leather binders and golden pens, as if it were major legislation.  "Look at me!  I'm signing something!  Don't I look important?"

Being in a multi-cultural resort in a foreign land as this Shit Show went down, we were naturally concerned about being perceived as the proverbial Ugly Americans.  Glad to report that, despite Trump, the rest of the world is still OK with us ordinary U.S. citizens.  No blame attaches, so far.  Our Dominican hosts were especially baffled by the rise of the Tangerine Nightmare.  As the lovely Mrs. Gammons so elegantly put it, "80% of Dominicans think Trump is maldito loco, while the other 20% believe he's just plain loco."

And now we're back home again looking at the craziness first hand.

Nah, I'll pass.
Although nobody likes him and his public approval is historically rock-bottom low, our national case of the DT's is going to last awhile.  We must recognize it, and take all necessary measures.  Resist, speak out, protest, disrupt, disobey.  Sue him!  Mock him, belittle him, and disrespect his illegitimate authority.  (That's what really chaps his ass, so it must be the right thing to do!  Ha-ha!)


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