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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

Just listened to President Barack Obama's farewell address to the nation.  I cried a little, and I'll miss him a lot.  Whatever you may think of Obama, his words tonight proved once again that he's always calm, thoughtful, judicious, intelligent, eloquent, cool, inspiring, charming, funny, a great speaker, a man of class and principle who's both self-assured and self-deprecating.  An historic and important individual, to be sure.

And so I throw up in my mouth a little to think about what comes next -- an inarticulate fraud, a con man, a humorless bully with no sense of decency, a bloated, vainglorious 70-year-old man with the personality of a pissed-off pre-schooler.  The guy's just not right.

I think I'll miss Michelle as much as Barack.  She's every bit his equal.  Probably funnier.  Better shoulders.  Love ya, Michelle.

But who do we get for the next FLOTUS?  The stone-faced Slovenian Super-Slut.  She's not right either.  *"I'd like to hear her say something.  If you look at her, she's standing there.  She has nothing to say.  She probably wasn't allowed to have anything to say."  (*Trump's words about Ghazala Khan.)

Special note to an Arlington acquaintance:  Did you catch those chants of "Four more years!"?  Oh, would that it were so, but it looks like that's not going to happen (duh!), so your prediction of an armed takeover of the federal government by President-For-Life Obama is just another fake news fail, in case you couldn't tell.

Instead, as Obama said tonight, soon we'll engage in that hallmark of American democracy, the peaceful transfer of power . . . to a complete and total asshole.

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