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Friday, January 20, 2017

I Could Not Watch The Horror Show On TV Today

At that unthinkable moment when Trumpistopheles was being sworn in, where was I?

I was attending an anti-Trump rally on the Oval at Ohio State.  This was mainly a students protest, but I got an email invitation, so I went.  Of a few hundred people, I was probably the oldest person there, but that's OK.  Several young people made impassioned speeches, urging involvement and action of some sort, any sort, by everyone.

Then we marched from the Oxley statue across the Oval to the Student Union.  These young people are voters and informed citizens.  They were fired up, chanting slogans in support of democracy, women's rights, immigrants, and Black Lives Matter as we walked along.  It was a strong and inspiring show of opposition to Trump's hate-based constituency, and I felt proud to be among them.

Much better than watching the horror show which was on TV at the same time.

If only I could have had one of those bright young people give me directions back to my car.  All those damn parking garages look alike!

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