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Buster Gammons

Friday, January 20, 2017

Make America Laugh Again . . . At Donald Trump

"Who needs a circus
when you have me?"
As I sit here thinking, pointedly not watching the day's ceremony, it seems to me that one of our best defenses against the trumpery* we're soon to suffer is humor.  Yes, let's make America laugh again -- and by that I mean laugh at Little Donnie Drumpf.  Constantly.  Hold him up to ridicule, laugh at him, tell jokes about him, and shift the meme factories into high gear.  It's easy.  He provides so much material.

If this no-respect/mockery approach offends the poor suckers who fell for the huckster's horseshit act, that's just too damn bad.  We didn't vote for him, you dumbasses did.  And there's more of us than you.  So piss off.  Plus, Mr. Thin Skin himself is so very easily offended, gritting his teeth, clenching his butthole, and issuing Twitter fatwas at every slight.  He literally can't stand to be laughed at.  Therefore, making fun of him endlessly just might prod him into flipping his heavily-lacquered lid and doing something impeachable sooner rather than later.  Worth a shot.

Laughter is the best medicine.  Laughing at this tacky and repulsive man, his Stepfordian family and his ass-wipe administration always makes me feel better.  I need it.  You too?  Then let's do it.  Let us now pledge to taunt Trump daily.  It'll be fun.  We'll have plenty of company, and we're just getting started.


* trumpery, n.  1. Superficially appealing, but having little real value or worth.  2. Trivial or useless articles.  3. Showy but worthless.  4. Deception, trickery, fraud.

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