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Friday, January 6, 2017

My Obamacare Story -- Comment And Response

Received this comment on the My Obamacare Story post:

Quit the whining already!
Get off the government teet and be responsible for your own care!!

Seriously?  Maybe "Anonymous" is just a crank-yanker.  Or not.  Here's my response:

Buster January 5, 2017 at 8:38 PM
My dear simpleton, you know who I am, but if you want to hide behind your anonymity, go right ahead. 
I am indeed responsible for my own care, just like everyone is.  I've never been uninsured.  I've paid for my health insurance for the past 40 years, sometimes via employee group plans, other times via individual private plans.
And I pay for my Obamacare insurance too.  (It's not free, you know.)  Since it's more affordable and has better coverage than other options, it sure seems like a responsible decision for me and my family.
I'll bet what chaps your ass are the premium subsidies which reduce my out of pocket costs.  What sort of health insurance do you have?  A group policy thru your company?  If so, your employer is subsidizing your costs.  And I don't  have that choice, but I don't begrudge you your benefit.
Yet you begrudge me mine.  And your company group plan is probably superior to my Obamacare coverage.  Or maybe you want Obamacare but your income is higher than mine and you don't qualify for subsidies.  Do you want less income?  Do you begrudge me my comparatively lower one?

Since you oppose the concept of government help, you probably want me to just hurry up and die to remove the horrible burden I've placed on the system with my deadbeat insurance subsidy.  You're probably cheering the prospect of repealing Obamacare.  But I'm sure that when you're ready, you'll gladly take your Social Security and Medicare benefits just like everybody else.  So putting it in terms you can understand, you'll be suckling at the public teet like millions and millions of other Americans.

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