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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Will Cheeto Jesus Save The Victoria's Secret Models?

The Limited is a once thriving retailer of women's clothing.  It has around 250 stores.  Including its subsidiaries like Victoria's Secret, Henri Bendel and Lane Bryant, it operates over 2000 retail stores around the country.  It's headquarters is in the Columbus exurb of New Albany, where it employs 248 people.

The company is burdened by excessive debt and just announced that unless a buyer could be found, they will soon close their HQ and layoff all of the 248 who work there.  Such a closure would surely mean the end of The Limited retail locations, and would not bode well for its subsidiaries either.

Given his "help" in saving some jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana, I fully expect Hair Furor, the president-elect, to ride to the rescue to extract a ransom payment from Ohio Gov. Kasich (wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall for that little chat?), or maybe to twist the arms of  New Albany city officials for some local tax abatements.

Because if The Limited stores fail, the next domino could be Victoria's Secret, and you know that the Tiny-Fingered Tit Judge loves him some lingerie models!

"The annual televised Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a national treasure, it gets tremendous ratings, and I never miss it.  As a matter of fact, it'll be on in just two days.  I'm so excited already!  Unbelievable!  For that reason, Limited Brands and Victoria's Secret and all those hot girls in their underwear must be saved, and only I can do it." 

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