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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No Prize For Being Bad Instead Of Monstrous

On their way back home for a Very Republican Christmas, Ohio's GOP-gerrymandered lame duck legislature presented Gov. Kasich with not one but two -- count them, two! -- anti-abortion bills.  Gift-wrapped, no doubt.

One called for banning all abortions after just 6 weeks of gestation, and the other after 20 weeks.

The restriction imposed by the first bill was clearly unwise and unconstitutional, and Kasich vetoed it.  Good!  But he went ahead and signed the 20 week restriction into law.  Not good.

The 20 week restriction is the current favorite chip-away tactic from anti-abortion fanatics.  It is arbitrary, medically unsound, bad policy, and an unconstitutional limitation.  It will force some women to give birth to babies they don't want.  It criminalizes doctors.  Sixteen Republican-run states have now passed 20 week bans, knowing it takes time and money to fight them in court.  They are daring the pro-choice forces to challenge them.  So far, such laws in three states have been overturned, and more are pending.  Still, most of these dictatorial laws stand for now, capriciously and cruelly reducing women's rights to access.

In some doltish circles, Kasich is getting atta-boys for vetoing the clearly awful 6 week ban while approving what, by contrast, appears to be more "moderate."  But moderately awful is still awful, and bad law is still bad law.

To paraphrase the great comment from Van Jones about today's Republicans, you don't get credit for being the most-improved bigot.  And there's no prize for being bad instead of monstrous.

No prize for you, Kay-suck.
"In the nauseating bus terminal restroom that is the Republican party,
John Kasich can at first seem like the least disgusting stall."
-- Samantha Bee

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