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Sunday, December 18, 2016

North Carolina Trying To Win "Worst State In America" Contest

It was very close, but a recount confirmed the November result -- Roy Cooper (D) defeated the incumbent Mitch McPotty (R) to become governor-elect of North Carolina.  Grudgingly, McPotty conceded.  He leaves a disgraceful legacy of unconstitutional voter suppression, abortion limits, and insane worry about who pees where.

Then the state's gerrymandered, GOP-dominated, racist legislature called a special last-minute, lame-duck session ostensibly for helping flood and wildfire victims.  Instead, the all-white caucus cooked up a new bill under which the incoming Gov. Cooper will lose his ability to appoint election boards, university trustees, and other executive appointees.  The state senate will be able to veto his cabinet picks.

The goober Republicans in the legislature saw no need for such restrictions when a fellow R was governor, but now . . .  These guys don't do subtle, do they?

In a final flip-off gesture, McPotty immediately signed the power-grab bill into law.  Worm.  Slime.  Coward.

His henchmen in the legislature aren't governing, they're just cheating, stacking the deck and rigging the game.  They vote to pass blatantly unconscionable horseshit, and then dare somebody to do something about it.

And like before, that's exactly what will happen.  Roy Cooper and the D's will have to sue, and they will, and like before, they will win.  Time and money will be squandered, but justice will prevail.

Shame on the North Carolina Republicans.

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