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Buster Gammons

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Is He An Electrician? No, But He's A Hell Of A Good Plumber!

"I'm no brain surgeon,
ya know, but . . . uh . . .
Oh, wait."
The Apricot Ass-hat made another selection for his Team of Sycophants.  Gentle Ben Carson, the Sleepy Surgeon, is the appointee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  Great pick. Ben has visited a few urban areas, and his knowledge of housing is limited to the fact that he lives in one.

In his first official act at HUD, Dr. Carson will separate a duplex joined at the rafters.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State position remains unfilled.  Potential candidates are hard to find, since no one wants to travel around the globe trying to explain Donald Trump to the rest of the world.

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