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Saturday, December 3, 2016

If He Matches Obama, The "Savior" Is Gonna Be Exhausted

Time for a bit of perspective.

Late in 2008, both Chrysler and General Motors announced that they were unable to meet their obligations and were looking at imminent failure.  Dubya arranged a temporary lifeline, but left the heavy lifting of a permanent solution to the incoming Barack Obama, who indeed pushed through a large-scale bailout which saved both companies and 1.2 million jobs in the process (both in direct employees and those of hundreds of supplier companies).

Many conservatives hated it and still do, but would they really have preferred the liquidation of Chrysler and GM?  No.  Obama succeeded and it was ultimately worth it.  They hate that too.

The not-yet-in-office Tribble-Top is crowing about spending $7 million of other people's money to "save" 800 jobs in Indiana.  "It was so easy!"

Good thing it's easy, because if he's going to match Obama's accomplishment, he'll need to do a Carrier-size deal once a week, every week, for the next 29 years.  And since that's impossible, he'll have to pick up the pace.  The micro-managing Sherbert-colored Savior is gonna be exhausted!

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