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Thursday, December 8, 2016

John Glenn

Like many kids of that time, I was enthralled by the Mercury astronauts.  John Glenn was a particular favorite, one of my childhood heroes.  At some point in 1963-1964, a NASA exhibition was travelling around the country, and it included Glenn's famous Friendship 7 capsule (with the missing heat shield).  When my parents learned it would make a stop in Cleveland, they pulled my sister and I out of school for the day so we could all go see the space program's display.  I was hoping Glenn himself might be there, but he wasn't.  I was still a happy boy.

I did get a chance to hear him speak on the OSU Oval along with President Obama at 2010 rally.

First American to orbit the earth, oldest person to go into space, four-term U.S. Senator, decorated elder statesman.  What a life!

Godspeed, John Glenn.

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