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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Try To Have A Happy And Smarter New Year

Moderately Confused

2016 was surreal.  Fifty-four percent of voters cast their ballot for someone else, but the Orange-Tufted Tweety Bird still managed to win the election.  It was the year of post-truth and the death of facts.  It was the year of Idiot Nation, the year of willful ignorance.  It was the year of "how friggin' dumb can you be?"  

Glad you asked.  From a December 17th poll of Trump voters by The Economist/YouGov, here's how dumb:
  • 60% of Trump voters say the U.S. was better off economically eight years ago than it is today, and 19% say there is no difference.
  • 74% say fewer Americans have health insurance today than five years ago.
  • 64% do not believe that humans contribute to climate change.
  • 68% believe that Saddam Hussein had WMD's in 2003.
  • 52% believe President Obama was born in Kenya.
  • 80% say that Russia's cyber attacks were not for the purpose of helping Trump win the election.
  • 62% say millions of illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton.
  • 46% believe that Hillary Clinton was running a satanic child-sex ring out of a D.C. pizza shop.

That's 'Murica!  Happy New Year to all.  Let's hope it's a smarter one.

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