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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Getting Ready for the Next President

"Many Americans would not be surprised if, on January 20th, Vladimir Putin administers the oath of office, the KKK youth choir regales the crowd with a stirring rendition of "Dixie," the Chamber of Commerce marching band performs "Hail to the Chief" and the inaugural party is catered by Carl's Jr.  Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs could pay for the whole thing." -- Dr. Peter Dreier, author, professor, urban policy analyst

In these Divided States of America, many of us are now dedicating ourselves to fighting Trumpism and thinking strategically about how to move forward in the next four years.

Here is Peter Dreier's 10-point list of suggestions for us, politicians and serious media outlets:

1.  Don't forget, Trump does not have a mandate.  Not even close.  Hillary Clinton won 2.9 million more popular votes.  Many Republicans did not really want Trump.

2.  Challenge Trump's nominees.  They are a basket of deplorable billionaires, bullies and bigots.

3.  Don't normalize Trump.  Genuine reporting and journalism requires fact-checking him constantly and calling bullshit on all his lies.

4.  Focus on real people.  Tell us how and why Trump's policies will hurt real people, real families.  Tell us how he and his entourage incite violence and encourage hate crimes.

5.  Protest and engage in civil disobedience.  Americans need to channel their anger into ongoing strategic and constructive dissent, directed at Congress and at Trump's business interests.

6.  Oppose Trump's infrastructure plan.  It sounds good, but his plan is just crony capitalism.  In exchange for tax credits and usage fees, private developers would "invest" in certain projects which they'd end up owning and profiting from.

7.  Obstruct his presidency.  Citizens and politicians in Democratic states and cities must defend their common sense policies by taking a page from the GOP playbook -- erect all possible roadblocks, legal and other, against regressive Trumpism.

8.  Exploit Republican infighting.  Trump will inevitably say and do things which will embarass and harm Republicans.  Sooner or later, Trump voters will feel some buyer's remorse.  When it happens, rub their noses in it.

9.  Mobilize for the next elections.  Start working, organizing, and investing now for the 2018 mid-term and the 2020 general elections.

10.  Start Presidential vetting now.  Elizabeth Warren?  Kirsten Gillibrand?  Sherrod Brown?  Let's get it figured out.

(Posted by a FB friend.  Thanks, FB friend!)

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